Dazwischen Straight outta Chicago: American-style Sandwiches

Tuesday, March 07 2023

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Tuesday to Saturday: 11:30am - 9:00pm


Pramergasse 2
1090 Vienna-district 9
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Sausages, they can do that in Vienna! "I love them!" says Darrin Mc Cowan. It was the first food he and his wife ate when they moved from Chicago to Vienna six years ago. But a good sandwich, as he knew it from his American homeland - he didn't find that here.

It starts with the name: In America, he says, a sandwich is simply a lavishly topped pastry. "Anything you put between two pieces of bread." In our latitudes, on the other hand, a sandwich is usually a rather bland white bread topped with cheese and cucumber.

The friend he consulted for the name therefore advised him against calling his place a "sandwich bar". Because Darrin's creations have nothing in common with these bland white bread sandwiches.

For him, a sandwich looks like this: Home-baked, rich, insanely moist sourdough brioche. Homemade chutneys. Carrots smoked whole over hickory, tender cherry wood-flavoured chicken breast and pork neck braised for hours.

The tender pulled pork is the leading actor of El Cubano. Sidekicks include: smoked ham, extra cheese, mustard sauce and sour cream. It's the Cuban-American version of the ham and cheese sandwich - only so much better!

Dazwischen Sandwichbar I Wien I 2
Dazwischen Sandwichbar I Wien I 3

If you're looking to cut calories, this is not the place for you, says Darrin, "However, if you're looking for a juicy sandwich..." you'll get your money's worth. Lickers and greasy fingers are explicitly welcome here.

Some of his sandwiches are American originals. These include - in addition to the El Cubano - the Chicago Dog, for example, for which Darrin specially commissioned a beef frankfurter from the butcher he trusts.

Other sandwiches he has created himself: his in-between burger (yes, a burger counts as a sandwich too, after all, the topping is packed between two halves of bread), which he garnishes with sweet-smoky bacon jam. For this, leftover bacon is cooked down with onions, maple syrup and coffee into a creamy mixture that tastes so good you'd love to spoon it straight up.

For his vegan hotdog, he smokes whole carrots over hickory wood, and a Japanese-inspired version comes with marinated eggs and Kewpie mayo. There are also various cold sandwiches, lots of changing creations, side dishes (salads and homemade fries), and - when the boss has time - hot dishes like soups and stews.

Drinks-wise, the focus is on beer: Darrin has rare varieties from the USA and all over the world on offer, but local breweries from Vienna and the surrounding area are also represented. He has the right beer for every taste - and, more importantly, for every sandwich. In summer - Welcome to America! - there will also be milkshakes.

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