Der kleine Salon Stylish Children's Fashion Even Moms Would Wear

Saturday, December 20 2014

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Monday till Wednesday 10.00–14.00
Thursday and Friday 10.00–18.00
Saturday 10.00–15.00


Der kleine Salon
Linke Wienzeile 40
1060 Vienna-district 6
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+43 676 964 16 16

The story of this small salon began five years ago, when the two owners, new mothers at the time, were on the lookout for their kind of children's clothing but could not find anything that they would happily dress their children in. They did not complain for long though, but instead launched their own store. Starting off, they were located in the 13th district and were made up of three women, one of whom lives in Denmark and, thus, already had access to a wider range of stylish children's clothes.

The first couple of labels for their product range were found quickly in Denmark and they were able to pioneer their colour focus on black, white and grey in Vienna. For some labels, the triumph started at the same time. Still today, whenever founders Carolin and Verena are at fashion fairs in Paris or Copenhagen or searching the field online they always keep an eye out for newcomers, young labels that could match what they're looking for and become better known with their help.

Der kleine Salon Kindermode Wien Inhaberinnen mit Kindern
Der kleine Salon Kindermode Wien Kleidung
Der kleine Salon Kindermode Wien Dekoration
Der kleine Salon Kindermode Wien Karten

In the meantime, the store has moved from the 13th to the sixth district and for the new location, they've picked a truly noteworthy house in terms of architecture. The famous Majolika house by Otto Wagner in direct proximity to Naschmarkt is a tourist attraction per se, which is why every so often tourists literally stumble right into "Der kleine Salon", German for 'the small salon'. The famous 50's Acapulco armchairs standing right outside, children-sized and completely refurbished in pastel tones by OK Design, make for the special eye-catcher.

"Der kleine Salon" really is small and bursting at the seams. Which then again matches the name and goes to show that these business women do not accept many limits. Their fashion range has become a bit more colourful over the years, alongside black and white you can find muted colours and cool prints. Their brand range has expanded, too – labels now ship in from Denmark, the US, Spain, France and Israel. From hip little shoes, parkas, scarves and beanies, toys, to lamps and small furniture, you'll find almost anything here. Any well-dressed child around has a mother with good taste who is likely to do her shopping at this very store. Which is why they target fashion-conscious mothers.

The online store is minimalist, neat, clear in black and white. Here, too, mothers are the main target group as they do the shopping for their wee ones. There might be the occasional accessory available for mothers themselves in store. "Der kleine Salon" does not aim to become an all-things-baby kind of store, but rather a go-to place for lovers of the extraordinary objects. If I want something special, this is where I come. This is what they wish for their customers to remember, many of whom already do. Because success proves them right. Practically any fashionable mother in Vienna will recommend you seek out this small salon. And those who cannot come in person, are invited to visit online.

Der kleine Salon – Stylish Children’s Fashion Even Moms Would Wear
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