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Wednesday, December 03, 2014
Mamsell Restaurant und Kochschule Wien Köchin
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Closed since December 19, 2015. Soon to be found at a different place. We'll let you know!

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Nora Kreimeyer is used to cooking in teams of high-end or even star-awarded chefs. She has learned a lot working in that kind of environment, and is now putting her knowledge to work in her own little restaurant. And 'little' really is the word we're going for here.

With a normal seating range of eight persons, expandable to twelve on request and in form of folding chairs, you consider yourself lucky if you get ahold of one of them. But you take what you get. If you're looking for an upscale scene and high-end design, this is the wrong place. This is for people who have no fear of contact and are looking solely for good food.

From the intimate dining area you can watch Nora take orders, cook, serve, clear and have a word with her guests on occasion.

'As usual, it was just delicious!' is what I overhear not one but many times this evening. So I, too, surrender to this authentic, simple yet finger-licking good food and allow myself no distraction. Whatever is too much, Nora will just pack and wrap it up for you. Feels a little bit like home!

Mamsell Restaurant und Kochschule Wien Küche
Mamsell Restaurant und Kochschule Wien Interieur
Mamsell Restaurant und Kochschule Wien Dekoration
Mamsell Restaurant und Kochschule Wien Außen
Mamsell Restaurant und Kochschule Wien Außenansicht
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Mamsell – As if Cooked by Mom
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