Adelheid Confectionery Sweet Gems Hand-Made of Precious Ingredients

Thursday, December 04 2014

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Adelheid Konditorkunst
Spiegelgasse 4
1010 Vienna-district 1
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+43 699 119 29 690

Cash only!

Burgenland confectioner Adelheid Horvath lived the dream of a country life for 25 years before opening up her small confectioner’s store on Spiegelgasse. She moved here from her hidden little café and focuses now on selling her art of baking.

She loves sweets and is a strong believer that sweetness and healthy food do not have to contradict, let alone exclude each other. For many years, she studied nutritional correlations which naturally lead to this tasting event being more than just a journey through the land of the sweet – it also offered some very insightful lessons on the food we eat. This explains why, apart from selling delicate truffles and luscious short cake, she also offers baking and nutritional classes.

When she talks about her vision, you see the sparkle in her eyes and her contagious enthusiasm for healthy nutrition is likely to get you too. The food we eat contains information that our body can only decode if absorbed in its purest possible form. This why natural ingredients are the basis for any of these ‘sweet gems’, as one customer put it perfectly.

Konditorkunst Adelheid Horvath Wien Plätzchen
Konditorkunst Adelheid Horvath Wien Schokolade
Konditorkunst Adelheid Horvath Wien Team
Konditorkunst Adelheid Horvath Wien Herstellung

Adelheid Horvath uses organic spelt flour from designated Demeter farms exclusively and takes pride in the fact that all her goods are suitable for allergy sufferers, too. Tasteful and healthy way possible!

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Adelheid Confectionery – Sweet Gems Hand-Made of Precious Ingredients
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