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Outfittery No Easier Way for Man to Shop

Saturday, June 08 2013

Online Personal Shopping Service

It's been proven that most men are not nearly as excited about shopping as women, yet they insist on being well-dressed. Now, you would think that with the world wide web and online shopping, things would get a lot easier for them. But nothing's changed! Because the even bigger selection on the internet and the lack of hands-on support and care with regards to size and shape actually complicate things even more.

A little over a year ago, a promising idea that suggested potential rescue came from Anna Alex and Julia Bösch. They founded Outfittery, a personal online shopping service.

Prospective customers fill out a playfully arranged questionnaire that makes it possible for the style experts at Outfittery to go out, shop and put together individual packages of pants, shirts, sweaters and whatever it is MANkind needs.

With every placing of order, repeatable by choice and without any further questions, the customer receives one or two complete and customized outfits. If you don't like what you see, you're free to send it back. You can even have the box picked up right at your door free of any additional charges. And all that comes at regular shopping prices and without anyone forcing you to subscribe or commit to anything you wouldn't want to.

David Budde
David Budde

The Outfittery team comprises 20 style experts by now and they seem to do quite a good job. The cost-free service has already become so popular that they decided to launch an Austrian branch.

Dear Gentlemen, there is not a single excuse left for bad outfits and mismatches!

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