ByAdushka Timelessly beautiful fashion made sustainable

Wednesday, August 09 2023

The Swiss label ByAdushka stands for timelessly beautiful, sustainable fashion from all over the world. Started three years ago with an online shop, brand founder Karin Kämpf has since created her own fashion universe with which she also advocates less consumption. Quality instead of quantity is the motto.

Blue and purple, blue and pink, yellow and silver - colourful circles on a white background. Like paintings, presented shortly before the Art Basel art fair in June at a vernissage of a special kind. The venue is not a gallery but the ByAdushka concept store in Basel's elegant and green Gellert district. The art: fashion, high fashion.

The "Pampelonne Dress", a silk dress inspired by the Plage de Pampelonne near St. Tropez in southern France, is a typical ByAduska model. The three designs in which the dress is available in a limited edition of only five pieces each were created by the Basel artist Debora Schultheiss. The dresses were made in a family-run manufactory near Venice.

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ByAdushka is the label of fashion expert Karin Kämpf. Her family name says it all. The Swiss woman from the canton of Aargau is committed to sustainable fashion and conscious consumption, but without having to sacrifice style, uniqueness and quality. On the contrary. Her now four concept stores in Basel, Zurich, Bern and Baden bring New York fashion style to Switzerland.

The exclusive clothes and accessories, which Karin Kämpf curates with great care and uncompromising quality, are traditionally handmade by designers worldwide. And for fair compensation. Colourful and feminine, the fabrics and cuts play around the body. Sometimes boho, sometimes sporty. Modern and yet timelessly wearable.

Karin Kämpf has worked in the fashion industry for over two decades. The devastating fire in a textile factory in Bangladesh redefined her vision of fashion. For her, sustainability starts with the designers and producers. They must be paid decently for their work. This promotes independence and influence in the global fashion industry, especially among women; in some cases, this has to be set in motion in the first place.

She is like more and more of her customers: Consumption, yes, but very consciously. Do I really need one more dress or blouse when my wardrobe is already full? However, the body changes from year to year, and sometimes it has to be something new. Karin Kämpf wants her customers to feel comfortable in their clothes - ByAshuka dresses from head to toe, including men. The materials of the airy, wide dresses flow and underline the self-confidence and style of the wearer.

With short dark hair and striking black glasses, Karin Kämpf has, of course, long since found her style and knows what suits her customers. Some of her self-designed ByAdushka favourites have already been featured in Vogue and are available in trendy stores in Milan, Paris and New York - in Switzerland, however, only from her.

The company's own stores, which are only three years old, are very personal boutiques where advice is individual and friendly. And yet the Swiss designer always has the whole world in view.

She maintains contact with all the creative women and the brands with whom she works. These are now around 50 brands, from Happy Haus in France to The Label Edition in Barcelona to Injiri in India, as well as other store operators in St. Tropez or Puglia, where these brands are also represented.

The online shop is also a journal whose virtual cosmos includes topics such as art, unique places and lifestyle. And, of course, the stories of many people. On, all designers are presented, and other exciting personalities are portrayed, which means the network is constantly growing. Everything revolves like a growing circle for more appreciation in the fashion world.

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