Worldpearlslove High-end Fashion Made from Vintage Textiles

Saturday, August 17 2019

Opening Times

Termine im Showroom in Berlin-Charlottenburg nach Vereinbarung!


It’s been four years since the two Berliners Carsten und Carlotta Teubel set out on their world trip. The mission was to discover the worldpearls: all countries and their unique beauty, their diverse cultures and peoples. Every phenomenon a pearl in itself, mirroring the exceptional beauty of the world.

Inspired by these pearls, the idea behind the high-end fashion label Worldpealslove was born. On many occasions, the couple found vintage table cloths that intrigued them with their unique technique, inspiring them to create something new out of it. Wanting to make a contribution to a sustainable future, they started making exclusive, unique pieces out of vintage materials.

While Carsten works in the TIME industry and the finance sector, Carlotta has been working in the Hermès shop on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin for the past 15 years. With Worldpearlslove, she got back to her roots as a fashion designer, crafting and producing her first tunics, blouses, and skirts, but also wears for children, bags, and clutches. In 2019, she released her first collection. At the same time, Casten took care of all administrative work.  

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In the online shop, all deliverable items can be ordered direct: one size and just on-off. For now, every single item passes through Carlotta’s hands, from design to production. But there’s a calmness to their work, which is rarely seen in today’s fashion world. In the process, the exclusive work of Worldpealslove is imbued with plenty of mindfulness and respect for the environment, something we need much more of.

You can find the online shop here Worldpearlslove >> 

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