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Thursday, April 17 2014


While talking to Anneke Dillge and Iris Napp, the two founders of the newest addition to my online favorites Skrive, you confuse them with each other a lot, as their voices are like a carbon copy of one another. I then discovered a picture of them online and all I could think was 'They must be related'. Both are in their early 30s, blonde and have a similar glow in their eyes. Both of them have graduated in economics, got married last summer and have recently adopted dogs.

That kind of abundance of common interests and traits practically destined them to do business together, too. Before they went for their dream however, one of them went to schools in the Netherlands and Denmark, the other girl chose Germany and the Netherlands. The kept in touch, met in foreign cities like London and kept wondering why they kept stumbling upon the most beautiful stationery, anywhere but in Germany. Even though unnoticed at the time, that was the trigger for Skrive.

Skrive Online Shop Hamburg Sessel mit Kissen

High quality stationery by small national and international manufacturers is what they wanted to bring to the market. And when an aunt from Leverkusen kept apologizing for her rather ungainly holiday cards, the idea of an online store was born. Beautiful prints and cards should be available beyond the bigger cities. Both girls, obviously, had been working in advertisement by this time, and were dreaming of a more 'purposeful' labor.

In early 2013, they made a real job of it. They roamed Scandinavian fairs as well as smaller German manufacturers such as Frohstoff and Pleased to meet, and launched their online store Skrive, Danish for 'write', in October. A hand-picked selection of cards, wrapping paper and notebooks as well as pencil cases, and graphic pot warmers by danish designer lykke bang are available now. They continue to nurture it by constantly looking out for new things and young designers to add to their collection.

It is true craft and love for the detail that makes these products stand out, and every cent worth spending. A unique look and feel oftentimes result in a small work of art and paint a thousand words without a single one written on it. Who would still prefer an email or text message to this? I, for sure, wouldn't. Long live the tradition of handwriting!

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