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Wednesday, November 04 2015

I love my little places of refuge, where I know that there will always be just what I need. One store I would sorely miss if I ever had to leave Berlin is Glasklar in Charlottenburg, a true specialty shop for puristic, timeless glass wares. From butter dishes, salt shakers, and preserving jars to water, wine, and beer glasses, you can find everything for the kitchen here in clear glass. Also available is a selection of household items such as lamps, candle stands, and vases in various shapes and sizes.

I can now rest easy knowing that even if I had to move to the end of the world, I wouldn’t have to forgo shopping at Glasklar. This past July, owner Monika Krause opened an online shop, now offering stemware glasses, tea pots, egg cups, and innumerable vases. Just like the store, the design and layout of the website are puristic and reduced to absolute minimalism.

The assortment has compiled itself over the decades. There are glass jugs, water carafes, storage jars, glass dishes, and tea sets. Wagenfeld designs are presented alongside no-name products, tiny salt shakers alongside huge cylindrical vases, cake platters and glass domes with beakers, lemon squeezers, and oil and vinegar bottles. Your search for glass basics ends here. They even have the uniquely gorgeous hand-blown wine glasses from Zalto’s Denk’art series along with other traditional suppliers like Nachtmann and Zwiesel and newer discoveries- like the whisky glasses “Spinning Glasses” by Shtox- that are particularly favoured amongst men.

Glasklar Berlin Glas Online Shop Weingläser
Glasklar Berlin Glas Online Shop Karaffe und Gläser
Glasklar Berlin Glas Online Shop Essig Öl
Glasklar Berlin Glas Online Shop Schalen
Glasklar Berlin Glas Online Shop Teekanne
Glasklar Berlin Glas Online Shop Karaffe
Glasklar Berlin Glas Online Shop Kristall Gläser
Glasklar Berlin Glas Online Shop Whiskey Gläser
Glasklar Berlin Glas Online Shop Lampen

Monika Krause treats the online service as she does her store. Personal contact is very important to her, which is why she forgoes a hotline service and instead is personally available via email or telephone. A personal greeting accompanies every delivery to try to at least partially replace the in-store conversation. You can’t get much closer to your customers over the internet.

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