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Saturday, April 11, 2015

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A life without face cream? For most of us that’s hardly imaginable. In particular, when creams are used to meet the specific needs of dry, oily or problem skin. And as our grandmothers said, "creams and ointments help everywhere". Nevertheless, I have never come across a face cream that truly resounds with the success the advertising promises - no matter what price category.

I had been eagerly waiting for a completely new product that is on everyone's lips at the moment, due to its much higher active agent concentration compared to other creams. We are talking about the facial wipes from Filabé. When applied, the skin is exclusively supplied with a high concentration of active ingredients. Nothing more, nothing less. The concentration level is so high that face cream becomes superfluous.

Sounds good, I thought. I actually belong to the group of women who are grateful for every pot they can do without. So I tried the wipes for a month. The application is very simple: moisten the cloth with water, then gently exfoliate the face for about half a minute and clean. Done! Additional cream is unnecessary.

Filabé Anti Aging Pflegetücher fürs Gesicht
Filabé Anti Aging Pflegetücher Gesichtspflege
Filabé Anti Aging Pflegetücher Aktivierung

Honestly, I had my concerns about really going without cream for my very dry skin. But it worked. At the beginning it worked sufficiently and even better with time. My skin was soft and small blemishes soon disappeared. A huge success!

Meanwhile, it doesn’t surprise me that the products of Filabé are highly recommended by many dermatologists, including Dr. Martin Kaegi from Hautzentrum in Zurich, and the 50 skin pharmacies in Switzerland. Also because the skincare wipes have had surprising results with skin problems such as acne and blackheads. Not a coincidence, however, was the idea of a dermatologist to apply cloths soaked with active agent solution, thereby successfully treating a boy with bad acne.

Finally it was the scientist Dr. Bernard Gabard, who succeeded in combining the active ingredients with micro-fiber cloths in such a way that after being moistened with water they optimally release their effect on the skin. Incidentally, he was also instrumental in the development of the Daylong sun protection products, of which, with my sensitive skin, I've long since been a big fan.

The facial wipes can be easily ordered online through Filabé's German / Austrian and Swiss Webshop.

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