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Friday, December 16 2016


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Trying out a new wine before buying the whole bottle? If only! Unfortunately, that’s normally only possible when shopping in person, at exhibitions or the vineyard directly. Two innovative incorporators want to change that. With their wine club and online shop Vinecase, Daniel Liefländer and Wojciech Kowalcyk are starting a new concept in the wine culture community, offering hand-selected wines from all over the world for you to get to know, sample, and purchase.

The idea is as new as it is simple: Vinecase is a club. Members from within this circle of wine connoisseurs and those interested receive a monthly sampling box with three premium wines delivered to their door. The wines are presented puristically and luxuriously in 100-ml glass tubes, embedded in a black case, and each tells its own story.

This is also what Vinecase is about: a journey through the various wine regions of the world. To vineyards, who understand wine-growing as a trade. Who have the courage to try something new now and then. Who don’t use any number of additives, and produce special results in small quantities.

Vinecase exklusive Weine probieren und online shoppen
Vinecase Wein-Probierbox
Vinecase Weinclub für Premium-Weine aus aller Welt
Vinecase Weinclub und Onlineshop für Premium-Weine

A journey that leads you through the “old” European world of wines, as well as overseas to new wine countries like Chile, South Africa, and Australia. Each box comes with detailed information about the wines and their winegrowers, with professional tips from sommelier Hagen Hoppenstedt.

As master of his trade, the chief sommelier of Hotel Palace Berlin’s first-class restaurant first floor fits in perfectly with the Vinecase team, where he’s responsible for the selection of wines. For the tasting boxes he selects only top-class products, with a minimum value of 15 euros per bottle and taken straight from experienced winegrowers.

Club members profit not only from the opportunity to learn about and sample exclusive wines, they also receive individual recommendations, tailored to their personal taste, which they can purchase on the Vinecase online shop with a 15% discount.

That’s the second part of the concept: Vinecase is an online shop, available to all wine-lovers who place value on a curated selection of special wines. Alongside those presented in the sampling box, the online shop’s range is consistently updated with bottles for the more meagre wallet as well.

What you won’t find is too much, too confusing, too interchangeable. Rather, carefully selected and customer-rated products await the palates of connoisseurs and those who want to be alike. A selection that makes it easy to find the perfect wine for any occasion.

Vinecase is for anyone seeking orientation in the complex world of wines, whom it pains to drink inferior wines or shop for the wrong bottle. And for all wine-lovers who want to discover new winegrowers and their sensational products.

As of now, Daniel and Wojciech are introducing their innovative wine club with different membership options as well as gift boxes to sample and gift others. By the way, the broken wineglass in their logo stands for old rules that are being broken. For a small revolution in the matter of wine.

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