Casper The Mattress That's Taking Over The World


I get a real kick out of watching more and more innovative people not just focus on coming up with new, often superfluous products, but work on developing essential everyday objects into their best possible version. One perfect example of this trend is the young American company Casper, which TIME Magazine named one of the best inventions of 2015 – and now they're coming to Europe.

The five founders' vision was to develop a mattress that functions similarly for everyone. They conducted numerous conversations about sleeping patterns and individual needs. They put together a development team of 15 designers, sent them around the world for nine months to gain an understanding of countless different foams, and in the end released 24 of 100 drafted material combinations to be tested by "real people."

The end result was a mattress that's not only incredibly comfortable, but also very breathable and durable. The perfectly balanced components of latex, memory foam, and other sturdy foams are all OEKO-TEXT® Standard 100 certified and are suitable for babies and children as well. And naturally only certified water-based adhesives are used during production.

Casper Matratzen online bestellen Hund
Casper Matratzen Online bestellen Zelt
Casper Matratzen online bestellen Aufbau
Casper Matratzen online bestellen Farbe
Casper Matratzen online bestellen
Casper Matratzen online bestellen Aufbau

The distribution channel is just as brilliant as the mattress itself. Your online order is hand-packed in a chic, annulated box and delivered next-day free of charge – or in some larger cities, same-day via bicycle courier. After the unboxing you have 100 days to test the product. If you're not completely satisfied, Casper will pick up the mattress and donate it to a good cause, as well as issue a full refund.

"Trying out a mattress for thirty seconds in a store is simply not enough to tell if it’s really the one for you," Constantin Eis, co-founder of Casper says. "But in the end, no one wants to return our mattresses," he smirks. And the fact that the company has written a success story with legendary profits in just two years is enough proof of that.

Casper now also produces an equally incredible pillow and fantastic bedsheets. Before the product launch, the New York- and San Francisco-based company invited countless customers to their "Casper labs" where they tested the prototypes. Using the insight gained from them and with references from IDEO and NASA, the 15-headed design team developed the new products to once again suit the universal needs of every individual.

Casper has revolutionised the sleeping industry in a remarkably short time and with so much as a glance at their website you'll understand why. I've never come across an online shop that has such a fun discovery tour. The videos for each individual project alone are better than any sales pitch I've ever heard in mattress stores. You should definitely take a look, even if you might not actually need a mattress right now!

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