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Tuesday, October 11 2022

Taking care of one's own mental health is becoming increasingly important and has a different meaning for everyone. For some, it means taking time for family or friends, while others lack self-care time in which they can completely relax. World Mental Health Day on October 10th sets an example for this.

Sport increases not only physical strength but also mental strength. Because here, too, you can allow yourself breaks, come to rest and switch off from everyday life. The perfect mix is a good balance of training breaks and feel-good moments to clear your head and get new energy. So whether it's a sauna session, a yoga class, swimming, meditation or, for the more active, boxing, dancing or bouldering - together as a community and, above all, with fun, you can find relaxation.

With Urban Sports Club, you don't have to choose one of them - you can get active as you please, treat yourself to relaxation and concentrate fully on your body - even within your own four walls. For example, members can visit the body+soul centre, which is represented at several locations and offers precisely what wellness fans need, from sauna to pool.

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If you want to clear your head while swimming, you can also swim your laps in the Dantebad in Neuhausen in winter - and even outdoors.

A grounding atmosphere, deep breathing and flowing movements - in yoga, you concentrate on the here and now and find a new focus through asanas. In the purist, beautiful yoga studio Traum München in Maxvorstadt, you can leave your worries outside and find your own centre in the relaxed, kindly atmosphere. The small course groups make the sessions feel almost like private lessons. Another notable feature is Power Yoga with R&B music - a great workout for body and soul, focusing on breathing.

Things get more dynamic at the BEST DANCE MUNICH dance studio in Obersendling. You can try out different dance styles to clear your mind and shake off the stress, from hip-hop to breakdance to Latin American dances. Music lovers should also visit the Taufkirchen Ballet Centre. Classical ballet figures, but also modern jazz, Pilates and Zumba are on the course schedule.

If you want to truly relax afterwards, you can get a massage with an L-membership or higher. A visit to the studios of Manda Thai is like a short holiday that gives you new energy. Find exactly the balance you need with Urban Sports Club because being completely refreshed and mentally strengthened makes it much easier to overcome small hurdles in everyday life.

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Sport for Wellbeing & Mental Health – Relaxation resorts in Munich
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