Müller'sches Volksbad Swimming in Art Nouveau Ambience

Tuesday, March 15 2016

Opening Times

Swimming pools:
daily* 7.30-23.00,
Mondays big pool only until 17.00
Sauna: daily** 9.00-23.00


Müller'sches Volksbad
Rosenheimer Straße 1
81667 Munich-Au
.How to get there

*Tuesdays 15.00-20.00: smaller swimming pool for women only.
**Tuesdays and fridays till 15.00 women only.

The "Müller’sches Volksbad" surely is the prettiest indoor swimming pool in Munich. In 1901 the magnificent building in Art Nouveau opened its doors to the Munich citizens, allowing them to splash around, swim athletically and transpire everyday stress in the sauna. While paying attention to details, all of the decorative elements like the inscriptions on the changing rooms have been maintained over the years, creating an impressive interior.

Solely the former separation of swimming pools for ladies and gentleman is outdated. Nowadays male and female guests are able to use both, the bigger and the smaller, slightly warmer pool. Same thing for the sauna and the Roman-Irish bath, where the body is slowly heated up in rooms with increasingly warm air. Merely one day per week the old principle of separation between the sexes is still in use: On Tuesdays most parts of the bath and wellness pleasures are reserved to female visitors.

After a successful work out – or even after relaxing for a bit – the "Café im Volksbad" invites you to have a drink or a snack in equally tasteful ambience. The perfect activity for a cold Sunday afternoon or rainy after work evenings!

Muellersches Volksbad Hallenbad München
Müllersches Volksbad Jugendstilbad München
Müller'sches Volksbad Foto: Marcus Schlaf
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Müller’sches Volksbad – Swimming in Art Nouveau Ambience
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