Sports in and on the water The best aqua fitness offers from Urban Sports Club

Tuesday, May 24 2022

When the waves gently slosh back and forth, the sun shines from the bright blue sky, and the water's surface sparkles in the afternoon heat, it's summer. The best way to refresh yourself at the same time as doing something good for your health: Water sports! With its Isar river and many lakes around it, Munich is ideal for outdoor activities. Urban Sports Club offers the most varied outdoor activities in and on the water.

For example, there are outdoor pools such as the historic Müller'sche Volksbad near the Isar or the Dantebad in the west of Munich, where you can swim your laps wonderfully and which, in addition to spacious swimming pools, also offers diving towers of different heights, slides and well-tempered wellness pools.

After all, swimming gives you a clear (and cool!) head, reduces stress hormones and boosts your cardiovascular system more quickly than almost any other sport. Other benefits: practically all muscle groups are exercised, and swimming is also ideal for those with back pain and joint problems. In addition, the fresh air outside puts you in a good mood and gives you new energy in no time.

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Stand-up paddling also releases lots of happy hormones. Urban Sports Club offers such courses at the idyllic Starnberger See lake not far from Munich. We recommend an early bird or sundowner tour when the first or last rays of light of the day dance most beautifully on the water's surface.

A cool sightseeing tour along the colony of villas on the western shore is also possible on the SUP. Each course starts from the lakeside resort of Starnberg, which is very conveniently accessible by S-Bahn and offers a fantastic sunbathing lawn with a view of the mountains.

And if it does rain: Most of the exclusive Munich fitness chain body + soul studios have an indoor pool where you can practice dance moves or do interval training in the cool water. No matter which sparkling, invigorating wet you choose: Water sports are a way of life!

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Sports in and on the water – The best aqua fitness offers from Urban Sports Club
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