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Saturday, September 12 2015

Opening Times

Personal training (individual and duo training) by arrangement:
Moday till Friday 7.30-21.00 and Saturday 9.00-17.00
Sunday and holidays on request.

Please see the website for scheduled group trainings.


keep in motion PILATES STUDIO
Sendlinger Straße 56
Back Building
80331 Munich-Altstadt
.How to get there


+49 89 127 66 109

Finally get yourself to move more, to do more sports, to focus on your body and health a little more – who doesn't think that every once in a while? I do. But I also tend to put it off time and again. Something always gets in the way. Not this time! The light soreness that I feel in my shoulders and upper arms tell me I'm moving in the right direction. And Dagmar Mathis-Wiebe gave me the kick that got me going. As soon as she starts talking about the positive strength of Pilates, you start wondering why you're not already sitting on your mat making your muscles tremble.

Dagmar first got in touch with Pilates over 15 years ago and received her formal training at one of the world's leading Pilates institutes, when most others in the industry where still tagging along to Jane Fonda's fitness videos. She quickly noticed that it was the first kind of movement that would substantially help her back without straining it. That long and personal experience is absolutely graspable during her classes: everyone is taken seriously, the training will be adapted to your abilities and your specific needs and goals. And that is the core idea behind 'keep in motion': to get together in small groups or one-on-one lessons that are never about the pressure to deliver but to reach a new level of precision and focus.

Keep in Motion Pilates München Training
Keep in Motion Pilates München Übung
Keep in Motion Pilates München Training am Gerät
Keep in Motion Pilates München Beine

Dagmar is not someone to do things by halves and you can tell by taking a closer look around the studio: everything from the interior to the equipment is well taken care of and the small premises are a welcomed change from your typical gym chain magnate. If you, for example, happen to forget to bring along a pair of socks, you'll be provided with a fresh pair within the blink of an eye - immaculate service right through to the very end.

Pilates expert Mathis-Wiebe is celebrating her studio's fifth anniversary this year and has recently been admitted to the German Pilates Association as a licensed training instructor. The requests, however, have been coming in countlessly from the very beginning. "That is truly the best feedback I could wish for", she explains. "If you try Pilates, you'll notice at once the efficiency of the movements, regardless of whether you're a man or a woman". I can only confirm this. And speaking of: a former participant wrote a novel whose protagonist was inspired by Dagmar. Is there any higher recognition?

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keep in motion PILATES STUDIO – For everyday life and body balance
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