Maison Tran Creative Southeast Asian tapas in the Au

Wednesday, November 16 2022

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Monday to Saturday: 11:30am - 2:30pm and 6:00pm - 11:30pm


Maison Tran
Ehrengutstr. 27
80469 Munich-Isarvorstadt
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+49 89 380 482 66

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In life, it is often the little things that bring us joy. For example, the embrace of a dear friend or the warming rays of sunshine on the skin on a cold winter's day. But even in the culinary realm, dishes of small size are able to inspire.

This is because dishes in appetiser format are not only visually captivating due to their small size but usually also highly delicious in terms of taste due to the many flavours in a small space. 

The siblings Isabelle and Jean-Pierre Tran have now also discovered the modern tapas culture for themselves. They are currently offering authentic dishes of Southeast Asian cuisine in their new restaurant Maison Tran - mainly in miniature format.

Over 70 different dishes in the "sharing is caring" style await the guests, from soups, salads, curries to desserts. We try oysters, yakitori skewers to grill at the table, tempura vegetables, steamed mini rice cakes with crab and onion filling and caramelised mushrooms. Everything tastes delicious! The sauces are homemade, the vegetables are seasoned in various ways, and, in line with the sustainable gastronomy initiative Greentable, they come exclusively from local traders. 

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Maison Tran | Foto Cordula de Bloeme
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Maison Tran | Foto Cordula de Bloeme
MaisonTranFood | Foto Cordula de Bloeme

The tapas concept with high-quality ingredients meets the zeitgeist and scores with a nice mix of classics - including Peking duck, summer rolls - and lesser-known Asian dishes such as chicken feet in DimSum style or a mung bean layer cake - unusual but outstanding!

On the other hand, the ambience at Maison Tran relies on the usual elegant style already familiar from its two sister eateries: the classy Vietnamese Jacci in Neuhausen and the Japanese Ukiyo in Glockenbach. Once again, the Hamburg design studio Mo Interieurs has created a timelessly pretty place with a large bar, beautifully shaped designer lights, salmon-coloured walls, velvet sofas and dark tables.

The owners, Isabelle and Jean-Pierre Tran, also wanted to incorporate signature dishes and drinks from their other two restaurants into their new space, which opens in November 2022. So now you can also enjoy the Japanese wow cocktail with a colour gradient called Blue Butterfly or the best-selling dish Crispy Beef from the Jacci in the Dreimühlenviertel.

Maison Tran is more or less a best-off restaurant that, thanks to its practical tapas concept, allows you to embark on your very own little culinary journey through Asia.

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