Grapes Weinbar Rare bottle treasures at the Cortiina Hotel

Wednesday, February 22 2023

Opening Times

Monday to Thursday: 6.30 pm - 00.00
Friday & Saturday: 6:30 pm - 1.00 am


Grapes Weinbar
Ledererstraße 8
80331 Munich-Altstadt
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+49 89 242 249 504

There is always something exciting about hotel bars. Because they give guests the feeling of being on a journey, in another city, possibly in a foreign country - even if you live only a few kilometres away.

The Grapes wine bar in the chic Cortiina Hotel in the old town is not only an atmospheric invitation to take a mini-break from everyday life but also sends you on a remarkable discovery tour through the world of wines.

Manager Bernd Großschädl and his team offer fine rarities from small international wineries - from sparkling classics like Champagne to red wines from Burgundy, Bordeaux, Hungary or Lebanon and many, many more. The bottles are in the "Limited Edition" card and the open stocks on a separate sheet.

Charming and practical: the wines served by the glass are labelled with characteristic adjectives such as "fruity & elegant" or "spicy & satin". There are also biodynamic wines and wines from the barrique. In short: the range is wide, the advice competent and the tasting fun.

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A handful of distillates and fruit brandies round off the range of drinks. Cocktails and long drinks - with the exception of the classic gin and tonic and a Grapes Spritz - are nowhere to be found. The clear focus on drinks fits in with the well-thought-out culinary concept based on the motto "less is more". After all, the wine served with the meal plays the leading role at Grapes and not vice versa.

Marinated olives and sandwiches called pinchos with toppings such as guacamole, salmon or beef tartare are recommended as appetisers. A good half dozen starters and main courses - from ceviche to tarte flambée to boeuf bourguignon - are also available. Everything tastes great and creates a good foundation in the stomach for spending the whole evening at Grapes.

The cosy, chic furnishings of pistachio green seating, velvet, gold accessories and a fireplace in the centre of the room also make for an extended stay. In summer, you can linger on the leafy terrace in the inner courtyard.

The Grapes also offers "Sommelier Series" all year round: evenings in which top-class sommeliers from Michelin-starred restaurants present their favourite wines, sometimes accompanied by amuse geules from the top chefs. The wine bar at the Cortiina Hotel is a place to enjoy - and experience.

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