Brenner Operngrill — Grill, Pasta, And Bar in Central München

Monday, February 06 2017

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Mon - Wed: 8.30 a.m. - 00.00 a.m.
Thu - Sat: 8.30 - 01.00 a.m.
Mon - Wed: until 11.00 p.m.
Thu - Sat: until 12.00 a.m.
Sun: closed


Brenner Operngrill
Maximilianstraße 15
80539 Munich-Altstadt
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+49 89 45 22 88 0

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Brenner Operngrill hasn't been the heart of München's secret hotspot in a long time. Since its opening in 2003, word quickly got around that the restauranteurs know their business. Upscale cuisine without the chichi, but rather with high-quality ingredients and professional service. And for those who care, it’s not seldom that you find yourself dining among prominent international socialites. It's "seen and be seen" here, especially weekends.

That may owe largely to the restaurant's illustrious location. In the same neighbourhood as the Bavarian State Opera, Brenner took its quarters on the imposing Maximilianstraße, only a stone's throw away from Gucci, Chanel, and co., which makes it easy to pop into the grill in between luxury shopping and Richard Strauss, or while strolling through München’s old town.

The landmark colonnade, which once served as the residences' horse stable, combines old building structure with modern style in a charming way, architecturally transforming the triad of grill, bar, and pasta.

Brenner an der Oper München
Brenner München Grill Pasta Bar
Brenner Grill München
Brenner Biergarten München
Brenner Biergarten abends München
Brenner München Desserts
Brenner Grill München Fisch

But it's not just the location and architecture that speak for themselves. The excellent kitchen attracts sophisticated guests at Brenner. It doesn't need a sprawling menu to do this. Rather selected specialties in meat, fish, and pasta categories, freshly prepared on the open fireplace or in the open pasta kitchen. Salads, vegetarian options, and seasonal specialities are also available.

On our visit, we decide to start with an alcohol-free aperitif of Crodino and passionfruit, as well as an excellent gin and tonic from the bar. As a fish- and seafood-lover, I can’t pass up the octopus salad with rucola and capers, served with house-baked bread in several varieties.

The unexpectedly large portion with plenty of octopus is not just visually enticing, but the nice surprise is outdone by the flavour: the salad tastes fantastically of holiday and seaside, my absolute highlight of the evening.

Our culinary journey continues on course south- Italy is the next stop on our menu, with homemade ravioli on freshly shaved truffle as well as perfectly grilled fesa steak from Piedmont. We get even another taste of the sea, also from the open grill, the heart of Brenner, in the form of black tiger shrimp with aioli and fruity mango-coriander salsa.

Everything is served by profession staff who are pleasantly attentive and perfectly trained. We take their recommendation without question and have the warm pear crumble with red wine and vanilla ice cream for dessert

Each course lands at our table quickly and in an organised fashion. Almost a little too quick, we think, as we finish off the last bite of ice cream. But this might also be the perfect moment to nip over to the Brenner bar for a drink. Just a few steps separate us from the lounge area, where a wonderful evening finds its end.

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Brenner Operngrill — Grill, Pasta, And Bar in Central München
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