Winzerhood Atelier Bowls, Waffles and Wine in Jarrestadt

Wednesday, March 30 2022

Opening Times

Tuesday to Friday: 6:00pm - 11:00pm

Saturday: 9:30am - 11:00pm

Sunday: 9:30am - 3:00pm


Großheidestraße 11a
22303 Hamburg-Winterhude
.How to get there


+49 40 692 128 00

Visually, the façade of Winzerhood in Hamburg's Winterhude district blends in perfectly with the typical brick buildings of the quaint Jarrestadt. The rustic look is inviting and cosy - but a real highlight is the interior of the wine bar, which is very modern, in light tones and a clean style.

But it's not just the Scandinavian chic that makes the bistro a hot spot in the Hanseatic city. In July 2020, the Winzerhood opened its doors and has since become the perfect place to go for Nordic wine lovers and veggie fans. Here, fine wines meet sweet waffles.

In addition to wines and drinks for cosy evenings with friends on the terrace, the Winzerhood menu also includes fruity smoothie bowls, hearty loaves of bread and sandwiches. The end of the day is also a wonderful time to enjoy a crisp salad and delicious "pinsas".

Since Winzerhood is bar, bistro and café all in one, coffee drinkers will also get their money's worth. A selection of freshly brewed specialities will delight the palate and provide variety for an afternoon coffee with your best friend.

Winzerhood Atelier Winterhude Hamburg (5)
Winzerhood Café in Hamburg-Winterhude
Winzerhood Atelier Winterhude Hamburg (4)
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Winzerhood Atelier Winterhude Hamburg (3)

And if you want to marvel at stylish art on top of all that, the Atelier Winzerhood is also the place to go. The unique concept not only impresses with delicacies such as bowls, waffles and wine, but the founding couple Josefa and Konrad also decorate the walls with stylistically appropriate works by local artists. 

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Winzerhood Atelier – Bowls, Waffles and Wine in Jarrestadt
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