Kjeks The vegan "peace of cake"

Wednesday, December 21 2022

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Daily: 11:00am - 7:00pm


Bahrenfelder Str. 216
22765 Hamburg-Ottensen
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0151 28819508

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Dear readers, Christmas is not only just around the corner, it's already almost sitting on the sofa. Two days before we meet up with family and friends under Christmas trees hung with tinsel (or in other places and without tinsel). So on the one hand, there's not much time left to get the right presents, but on the other hand, there's still plenty of opportunity to stock up on the most delicious baked goods.

In 2022, how about a contemporary, vegan version of biscuits, cakes, pastries and other baked goods that are just as tasty as the classics? Would you like that? Then head to one of the two Kjeks branches in Hamburg. One of them is in Ottensen, the other in Schanze.

Another plus: since the Kjeks creations are thought up and made seasonally by the bakers Franzi and Jule, the wintry-Christmas assortment includes biscuits and cakes with speculoos flavour, donuts with baked apple pieces, white-chocolate speculoos cookies, cupcakes with speculoos and white chocolate or gingerbread-cherry brownie. If that's too much Christmas flavour for you, stick to classics like nut cookies, tiramisu, the caramel chocolate drop cookie (a favourite of the bearer of the sweet message) or the slutty brownie.

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Behind Kjeks are Kerrin and Hendrick, who run two vegan restaurants in Hamburg called "Froindlichst the vegan Musketier". In the production kitchen/bakery of the froindlichst musketeer in Hamburg Winterhude, the sweet treats are baked, which later await their takeaway in the Hamburg Kjeks display. The idea to expand the concept of vegan restaurants to include a sweet business came to Hendrick and Kerrin during the lockdown when restaurants had to remain closed, but bakeries and pastry shops were allowed to sell outside.

In May 2021, the first Kjeks opened in Schanze; precisely one year later, the Kjeks in Ottensen was launched. Since then, vegan sweet treats have been offered to the esteemed clientele. For upcoming or future festive occasions or to sweeten everyday life.

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Kjeks – The vegan “peace of cake”
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