AltoAdige Italian Drinking Culture in Charlottenburg

Tuesday, December 11 2018

Opening Times

Tuesday till Friday 16.00-23.00
Saturday 14.00-23.00
Sunday 14.00-20.00 (only in summer!)


AltoAdige Tagesbar
Windscheidstrasse 22
10627 Berlin-Charlottenburg
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+49 30 235 354 40

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It could have become a wine bar in South Tyrol. Luckily, wine bar AltoAdige is located at Stuttgart Square in Charlottenburg and introduces us to a lovely custom, the aperitivo. - Italian Drinking culture in the midst of Berlin!

Alto Adige is the Italian name for South Tyrol. Bright solid wood. Benches with integrated trapezoidal tables, a ceiling lamp made of antlers – spirit of the age design as in the Dolomites. There is wine- a wide range of wine- all of which are from South Tyrol.

They were selected by owner Werner Frisch because he is the scion of a South Tyrolean gastro-family and on the brink of graduating as a sommelier. He has already secured the certificate as a cheese sommelier. The fact that cheese was once sold in the wine bar fits.

Aperitivo-time in AltoAdige is from 5-8 PM. The wine is accompanied by small bites from the buffet. And don’t worry- you don’t have to be a wine expert! Werner and his girlfriend provide exceptionally charming advice.

Wein- und Tagesbar AltoAdige Charlottenburg-8
Wein- und Tagesbar AltoAdige Charlottenburg-11
Wein- und Tagesbar AltoAdige Charlottenburg-12
Wein- und Tagesbar AltoAdige Charlottenburg-9
Wein- und Tagesbar AltoAdige Charlottenburg-2
Wein- und Tagesbar AltoAdige Charlottenburg-14

The fact that the buffet is free of charge astonishes some guests, Werner shares. It is similar in Italy. Perhaps not completely exempt from charges, the appetisers, which along with the wine provide a great start to the weekend, are available for four or five euro.

The concept of the wine-oriented day bar: the food should accompany the wine. The Aperitivo-Buffet includes homemade foccacia, noodle salad and tartines, small sandwiches with smoked sausages, and other South Tyrolean sausage specialties.

Upon closer examination, AltoAdige is even more specialized: food from South Tyrol should accompany wine from South Tyrol. Such as with Marende, an afternoon snack with cheese, especially from gourmet cheesemonger Capriz, smoked sausages, horseradish, and flat bread. You can also order cheese and "wurscht" for breakfast.

Whether it‘s Aperitivo-time or not: "siass", "sweet" is a must, wonderfully embodied in a South Tyrolean apple strudel and vanilla sauce which is, as Werner reveals, baked according to mom's recipe. The only thing missing is the alpine panorama.

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