Knit Knit The perfect hobby for the cold season

Wednesday, February 15 2023

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Tuesday to Friday: 2:00pm - 7:00pm

Saturday: noon - 4:00pm


Linienstraße 154
10115 Berlin-Mitte
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+49 30 98366430

The small shop Knit Knit in Mitte has been delighting us since its opening in September 2012, when Nina's wool concept store hit like a bomb. Since day one, enthusiastic customers have flocked to the lovingly assembled assortment of high-quality wool and knitting accessories - and of course, to Nina's knitting courses.

Lisa, too, fell in love with the meditative craft within a short time and "really took part in every knitting course with Nina". A year after opening, Lisa quit her job in the advertising industry and joined Knit Knit. They became a threesome when Linda studied sound studies at UDK and was looking for a part-time job. The three of them set up Knit Knit, developed knitting sets together and built a reputation among knitting friends from Mitte to Norway.

Since Nina got a tempting job offer in early 2020, Linda and Lisa now run Knit Knit as a team. They have known each other since they went to kindergarten together in Vienna and are close friends. They learned to knit at school. "We didn't like it at all back then," Lisa confesses. Linda, who is actually an artist, "didn't really have anything to do with knitting either".

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Then they tried it again with Nina - and were thrilled. "It was so much fun to learn and do something new," says Linda. "And the fact that you get into this state, it's very meditative," adds Lisa. Meanwhile, she and the regulars associate knitting with much more than granny's scratchy woollen jumper and musty balls of yarn. DIY is hip. Knitting also serves the two original Viennese women primarily as relaxation.

And they are indeed knitting during our conversation: Linda is working on a soft baby hat made of cashmere - friends are expecting a child. Lisa is knitting a commissioned hat during our conversation. Because that's also what Knit Knit offers: hand-knitted items from professionals. Up to now, the small shop in Berlin Mitte has been purely retail, but now the two Berliners, by choice, want to focus even more on the online shop.

In the meantime, they have become contact persons for everything to do with wool. Lisa and Linda's wool and knitting expertise are in great demand for advertising, architects or costumes; the Knit Knit ladies are consulted on everything to do with wool. For example, for special wool requests or questions about instructions. In the Knit Knit Shop in Berlin Mitte, there is a vast, colourful selection of natural yarns in the most beautiful qualities, ready-made knitting sets and enchanting wool designs.

Linda and Lisa are always on hand to advise and put together individual sets according to special wishes. Even knitting beginners are well informed by them. After all, the Knit Knit knitting sets are specially designed so that people can knit themselves a beautiful product even if they can barely hold knitting needles in their hands.

For beginners, Linda recommends learning the right-hand stitch first. "You can knit a scarf with it, and they are really nice. The sets are designed in such a way that even beginners can complete their product on their own. Headbands, scarves and hats are particularly suitable. "Or baby blankets," Lisa adds.

If that's not the perfect plan for winter: learning to knit and then walking through the cold with a scarf you've knitted yourself - it makes you incredibly proud, keeps you warm and is guaranteed to succeed thanks to Lisa and Linda from Knit Knit!

Knit Knit – The perfect hobby for the cold season
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