Taste Twelve A culinary booklet to savour

Wednesday, November 03 2021
Buch Berlin 2022
from Taste Twelve
38 € / pieces

We are constantly on the lookout. For the best bakery, the most beautiful view and of course for the best restaurants in town. Especially after a year full of gastronomic and culinary deprivations, we are all the more happy to go out to eat and drink with our loved ones.

Do you feel the same way? We have an idea: The booklet Taste Twelve is not only a restaurant guide, but also an invitation. What does that mean? When you present the booklet, you and your companion will be invited to one of two main courses at participating restaurants. A discount could hardly be more delicious.

What's more, Taste Tewlve has something in common with us: it tells you where "you're in the best culinary hands." So we're not at all surprised that some of our favorite restaurants are gathered on the pages, including, for example, the Pots restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton, the Aufwind in Charlottenburg, or the posh Vietnamese Ngon. Also the newcomer Tante Fichte in Kreuzberg, the avant-garde The NOname in Berlin Mitte, the West Berlin boutique restaurant Beef 45 and the Italian-Peruvian Sagrantino 136, which thrilled us this summer, invites you to try the second dish.

In addition to the Berlin version, Taste Twelve is also available in other cities such as Hamburg (where Jellyfish and XO Seafood Bar, for example, are participating) and Munich (where Blitz Restaurant and Pure Wine & Food, among others, are taking part). 

The Taste Twelve book is valid from October 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022, so if you ask us, we'd know of a pretty perfect Christmas gift for all the foodies in your family and circle of friends.

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Taste Twelve – A culinary booklet to savour
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