Beef 45 Much more than just meat

Wednesday, October 18 2023

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Wednesday to Sunday: 6:00pm - 11:00pm


Beef 45
Budapester Straße 45
10787 Berlin-Charlottenburg
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The name says it all, but there's more to it than that: At first glance, Beef 45 is a meat restaurant, but the menu of the new chef Thorsten Hendrich can do much more so that vegans also get their money's worth when dining in the restaurant located in the Palace Hotel.

It has been three months since Thorsten Hendrich took over the reins in the kitchen of Beef 45. What was previously a sous vide focused restaurant now offers meat with cooking methods of all kinds and a range of vegan options. "We want to offer a creative alternative to people who join the meat-eaters for dinner, so they're not just fobbed off with pasta," says Thorsten.

The ambience remains old-school striking, with its own unique flair. Black marble tables, dark walls, and dark blue velvet chairs are one thing. All these tones are accentuated by abundant gold elements, from the golden counter with a golden gorilla to the cutlery and the golden bread plates in the shape of a leaf.

Restaurant Beef 45 im Hotel Palace in Berlin-Charlottenburg
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Beef 45 I Kalbsschaufel
Beef 45 I Shrimp
Beef 45 I Tatar

The wide bar also gives rise to hopes of expertise in the beverage sector, which is logical given that the House of Gin is right next door. Although it is currently being renovated and will reopen at the end of the year, we are allowed to taste its products as an aperitif. What can we say: our rosemary gin goes down like oil, smooth and nuanced in taste and delicious with the bread variation with different salts that we receive at the beginning.

Food & Beverage Manager Kahan Özmert knows the importance of professional yet collegial service. We feel warmly looked after, and his wine recommendations fit the bill. We are particularly taken with the South African Kunjani, which will accompany us throughout the evening with its dry spiciness, from amuse to dessert.

For the first course, we get a mini version of the Teriyaki Onglet, which is marinated in the house sauce for 24 hours, cooked sous vide and seared before serving. It's worth the effort! The love is in the detail. In the grilled lettuce, one of the vegan starters, the delicate seasoning has a special feature: the lettuce salt, for which the stalks are dried, ground and mixed with salt.

The potatoes are also exciting, being cooked in earth in the oven to give them over entirely to the earth's aromas. Also exciting: the Black Angus beef tartare, served in a glass filled with beech smoke, giving it a delicious smoky note.

The meat comes from the region whenever possible. Still, Argentinian Black Angus is also served. The quality speaks for itself: the fillet is perfectly cooked medium and butter-tender, accompanied by a wonderful béarnaise sauce. For those who prefer something a little more autumnal, the veal shovel with parsnip and leek is recommended.

The dessert is also recommended. We taste a lemongrass sorbet on a crispy pastry shell and apple jelly, perfect as a palate cleanser and vegan. The yoghurt dessert with a yuzu centre is not vegan but equally delicious, served with raspberry parfait. We were allowed to try a finely tuned menu, which was also just right regarding meat quantities and equally convincing with the vegan variants.

But if you want to indulge in a real meaty treat, there's always the tomahawk steak. Beef 45 is well worth the visit, whether in bulk or moderation. Simply walk through the lobby of the Hotel Palace am Zoo and enjoy an intimate, stylish restaurant evening.

Beef 45 – Much more than just meat
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