Schnitzelei Wilmersdorf The flexitarian tavern

Wednesday, March 15 2023

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Monday to Saturday: 4:00pm - 11:00pm

Sunday: noon - 11:00pm


Schnitzelei Wilmersdorf
Landauer Str. 8
14197 Berlin-Wilmersdorf
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030 8217615

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The name Schnitzelei may not initially evoke meat-free associations, but appearances are deceptive. Behind this group of Berlin restaurants, whose newest branch we were allowed to test in Wilmersdorf, the philosophy is somewhat different: the menu is divided into three parts. There are just as many vegetarian and vegan dishes as there are meat dishes.

As the name suggests, the focus is on schnitzel, with a meat-free alternative for every meat option - either vegetarian or vegan. For example, the Viennese schnitzel made from Hohenlohe veal (24.50 euros) replaces one with oyster mushrooms, the alternative to the Jägerschnitzel is made from lye dough and egg, and there are also creative variations on other German dishes.

Cordon Bleu is also available as Cordon Grün (18.50 euros) with various vegetables and cheese baked in-house breading, as is a vegan Roulade Reloaded made from soy (21.50 euros).

Despite the modern menu, the Schnitzelei retains its tavern charm. With 86 seats, the Schnitzelei Wilmersdorf, which opened in December, is the smallest branch. In the entrance area with its very high ceilings, illuminated by a multitude of bocci lamps, the first thing on the left is the inviting bar, from which all guests always receive a Kölsch-sized Pilsner as a welcome drink.

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The drinks menu focuses on beer and wine; after all, you are in a german pub. There are no cocktails on the menu, but you can fight the schnitzel satiety afterwards with a schnapps.

We climb the stairs to the dining room, enjoying the starters shortly afterwards. There's another special feature here: the meal can be kicked off well with the German tapas, which are available in small bowls in combinations of 3, 6 or 9 (11-24 euros). There is a choice of four vegan, vegetarian and "meaty" small plates.

We opt for vegan curry sausage, where the sausage is replaced by carrot, which works surprisingly well. Also made of carrots is the sea mousse, an alternative reminiscent of salmon due to smoke aromas. The meat-free Königsberger Klopse taste good and are not too heavy on the stomach.

For the main course, we stick to the classics in our choice of schnitzel. All the meat comes from free-range farms with species-appropriate husbandry. The fine Viennese schnitzel, in particular, makes us wish for a glass of white wine, but we stick to beer this evening.

Nevertheless, we recommend visiting the Schnitzelei Wilmersdorf to wine fans, especially in summer, because then you can combine your visit to the restaurant with the Weinbrunnen festival on Rüdesheimer Platz next door, which takes place from the end of May to the beginning of September. Then the restaurant's 120-seat terrace will also invite you to linger in the sunshine.

After enjoying the tender meat, there is only room for one dessert to share. So we choose a Toblerone mousse, which more than satisfies the sweet tooth. Then off into the night for a little digestive stroll home.

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