Schmidt Z&Ko at Berlin Food Week 2021 A place for real bon vivants

Wednesday, August 25 2021

Opening Times

Tuesday to Friday: noon - 10:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 10:00pm

Tuesday to Saturday: noon - 3:00pm

Restaurant | Winebar
Tuesday to Saturday: 6:00pm - 10:00pm


Schmidt Z & Ko
Rheinstraße 45-46
12161 Berlin-Friedenau
.How to get there


+49 30 200 039 570

Schmidt, of course, stands for the Schmidts at winery Schmidt and Rutz, the Z for TV chef Ralf Zacherl and the Ko for his colleague Mario Kotaska. Since 2014, these renowned and knowledgeable restaurateurs have been running the Schmidt Z&Ko, the "place to go for epicureans" in Berlin Friedenau district.

Ralf Zacherl describes the mixture of winery, restaurant and cooking school as a "place where nothing has to be, but a lot is possible". While some only have a glass of wine or a coffee here, others come for several courses in the evening and drink a whole bottle. Because one thing is clear: when the Schmidt couple is involved, wine plays a significant role.

So at Schmidt Z&Ko, perfectly tempered wine is available for purchase until late in the evening. Each bottle of the 500-wine assortment is always kept chilled or at the appropriate room temperature. It is a matter of honour that in such a place guests will find wine seminars and tastings.

Schmit Z&Ko
Schmit Z&Ko (4)
Schmit Z&Ko (6)
Schmit Z&Ko (5)

From Tuesday to Saturday, there is a very popular lunch menu, where Mama's classics from all over Germany as well as flavours from other countries are served. Thanks to the open teaching kitchen, because cooking classes are also held here regularly, everything is always transparently sourced and prepared according to recipes from all over the world. We cook whatever the market has to offer in good and fresh quality.

Much of it is vegetarian, although meat is not excluded, and on Fridays there is fish. A culinary approach that we are not the only ones who think highly of. In addition, it also fits in wonderfully with the Berlin Food Week 2021's goal of a climate-friendly city menu. Schmidt Z&Ko is part of this event, serving a city menu that is dedicated to rethinking gastronomy and sustainable agriculture. 

We are already looking forward to the creative menu that Schmidt Z&Ko will serve us at Berlin Food Week 2021, because we are sure it will be exquisite. By the way, as soon as the city menu is fixed, you'll find out about it here.

Translated by Alexander Brandes

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Schmidt Z&Ko at Berlin Food Week 2021 – A place for real bon vivants
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