P 103 Mischkonzern A Magical Place on Potsdamer Straße

Monday, March 03 2014

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P103 Mischkonzern
Potsdamer Straße 103
10785 Berlin-Tiergarten
.How to get there


+49 30 5470 6000

It’s a whole different world that is hidden behind these floor-to-ceiling windows on Potsdamer Straße: a world of painters, poets and musicians, of artists and architects. It’s almost a bit magical. The long and high walls that run into newly exposed old frescos and stucco on top are adorned with the current art exhibit. The paintings are glowing and invite everyone to take a short walk through this vast space. A walk right along the wall, passing beautiful furniture, over the old creaking parquet floor, right below the big chandeliers and with a quick glimpse of the open kitchen, where lunch is being drafted in a mix of Spanish, Italian, German and I-don’t-know-what.

Lunch. That is no business lunch, no quick and easy, no footlong between laptops and business calls. Two to three vegetarian dishes are up for choice every day. Today, I’m getting an omelette, with potatoes, loads of fresh vegetables, a salad and some bread. My colleagues decided to go with a carrot-ginger-soup.


And that’s when the movie scenes started: the young woman at the next table stood up and went to the grand piano by the window to play a little, just to check if it’s still tuned. Not bad! Maybe she will be playing here in the evening some time soon? To the other side there’s an older man who, all of a sudden unpacks a a bunch of brushes and colors and starts painting. He’s doing our portrait. And the gentleman by the bar is getting a glass of wine. Why not? Laissez faire - Berlin goes Paris. Besides, a glass of good wine for lunch is probably even better for you than the average cell-phone contaminated Berlin Mitte-Cappuccino on the go.

Oh, and take away? No such thing. “We don’t have those paper cups”. Everything here is somewhat clueless, unfinished in the most appealing way possible. It’s authentic. p103 is a break spot for those who actually take a break. Put your business on hold, take a break from your daily routine, pause the constant Döner and sandwich binge-eating. Three architects have created this beautiful space, that gives you inspiration for breakfast, muse for lunch, art for dessert and a cultural finish in the evening.

I would actually like to keep all this to myself so this charm doesn’t vanish all too quickly. With that said, here goes one more well-intentioned advice: there is no coffee to go, and it’s cash only! Whoever is against that should stay outside.

Fotos © fauland photography

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P 103 Mischkonzern – A Magical Place on Potsdamer Straße
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