Markus Semmler Accomplished Cuisine in Wilmersdorf

Thursday, September 17, 2015

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Markus Semmler
Sächsische Straße 7
10707 Berlin-Wilmersdorf
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+49 30 890 68 29 0

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Our night at Markus Semmler starts out with a glass of Champagne, homemade bread and a duo of goat cheese. The additional amuse-gueule, matching the fading city summer, is all about the watermelon. Grilled watermelon, watermelon ragout and a sorbet – all three are served beautifully, emphasizing the luscious red of the fruit, complemented by crumbled ewe's cheese, black peppercorns and fried basil leaves.

A soft praline of cauliflower filled with lemongrass jus turn the first course into a main event. A spectacle of texture and aroma! Truly breathtaking! Together with sea salted-cubes of sautéed tuna, greens and dried tomato skins amidst a juice of celery, this really is a culinary kickstart.

Following, a wild prawn on topinambour, soy reduction, yuzu lemon gel and wild herb salad maintain the level of goodness. The plate is coloured with a broad stripe of paprika, adequately orchestrating what's likely to be the most delicious prawn I have ever tasted. Cooked to perfection and unusually clear and strong in terms of flavour, I was so overwhelmed I couldn't keep myself from asking how they do it.

Markus Semmler Restaurant Berlin  Vorspeise
Markus Semmler Restaurant Berlin Garnelen
Markus Semmler Restaurant Berlin Pilze
Markus Semmler Restaurant Berlin Fisch
Markus Semmler Restaurant Berlin Dessert
Markus Semmler Restaurant Berlin Dessertvariationen

The series of delicacies continues and we quickly reach our limits of expression. The filet of a 12 kg turbot with porcini, parsley oil and parsley root constitutes yet another landmark course due to the parsley's intense aroma, followed by a sample of the supra-regionally known Semmlerian foie gras.

Next on the menu: „Wild Guinea Fowl. Australian Winter Truffle. Polenta. Wild Broccoli.“ - and we're very excited. Impressing someone with poultry is quite the challenge, as far as I am concerned. But they just do it, and with every bite comes a bit of joy about the perfect fusion of all components. The absolute highlight: truffled popcorn!

Even the most beautiful night has to come to an end eventually. So we begin to fade out slowly with a pre-dessert that consists of so-called Topfennocken, an Austrian kind of curd dumplings, orange ragout and vanilla ice cream, followed by the actual dessert that is „Chocolate. Fig. Greek Yogurt. Orange. Almond.“. We're at a loss for words, again, but we're certain that such perfect finale alone is worth coming here.

On a side note: Markus Semmler recently cooked for François Hollande and Jean-Claude Juncker at the German Chancellery and is in the process of setting up the menu for a visit by Queen Rania of Jordan along with 80 other women as part of an official reception by chancellor Merkel. Why is it that Guide Michelin has not awarded this man yet? We'll continue the investigation...

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