Lauter Eis One More Fantastic Ice Cream Parlor


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Thursday till Sunday 12.00-19.00*
Monday 15.00-19.00*
*or longer!


Lauter Eis
Hortensienstraße 12b
12203 Berlin-Lichterfelde
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I keep thinking that at some point you probably know them all… all of the city's amazing ice cream dealers. But there's yet another new one to discover time and again. This one is hidden in S-Bahnhof Botanischer Garten. Practically on your way home from Schlachtensee if you're using the S1.

Kaiserdiele's Oliver Boehm told me about it and recommended a visit. So today, a group of friends and I took a trip to Lichterfelde. And while Paleo obviously doesn't allow ice cream, I couldn't resist a few tiny spoons just to assure myself of the quality.

The ice cream shop is idyllically situated on a little, almost rural looking square. A pyramid of macarons by Art Sucré welcomes the customers into this vibrant little cafe and whets the appetite for all the sweetness that awaits you. The pastels of the pastry is continued behind the counter, and that's where it begins… apricot ice cream and vineyard peach ice cream with prosecco catch my eye at once. It's a tough decision to make, and I'm all the more relieved to have many hard-working helpers with me!


A little later, while preparing the next heap of gooseberries for their gooseberry ice cream, Katharina Lauter tells me that she offers 70 varying flavors and that she strives to constantly try out new ones. That's her actual passion. The organic ingredients are rather secondary, much more importance lays on the flavors being intense and rich.

A fair bit of cream, fresh fruit as much as the season has to offer and only the best of ingredients like Piedmontese pistachios or chocolate by Amedei are allowed into the machine to be refined. A dash of liquor is always welcome, too. Flavors like Caramel with Fleur de Sel or just that Piedmontese Pistachio have become classics.

Of course you can also get a solid sundae topped with whipped cream and everything. Coffee is delivered by Andraschko, and the seating at Lauter Eis is another comfort point. What makes Lauter Eis stand out, Katharina Lauter asks a regular standing in line about to order. "The ice cream of course. It's scrumptious!" And with that statement, we figured completely unanimously, she was right.

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Lauter Eis – One More Fantastic Ice Cream Parlor
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