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Konditorei Rabien Baumkuchen De Luxe

Saturday, November 26 2011

Opening Times

Monday till Friday 9.00-18.00 Saturday 9.00-15.00
Sunday 12.00-16.30


Klingsorstraße 13
12167 Berlin-Steglitz
.How to get there


+49 30 791 65 95

During the festive season, I insist on home baked goods. Cinnamon cookies, hazelnut kugels and Bethmännchen. With all the cookies and pastries from my childhood alone, I could fully and absolutely satisfy my tastebuds' needs during all of the pre-festive season.

The only tolerable exception to me is patisserie Rabien's baumkuchen. It's soft and juicy contrary to many of their competitors' products, and for many years now it's been as much an integral part of my christmas as actual candles on the tree.

In a huge effort, the so called trunk is baked manually layer by layer on an open fire. They're available coated with either chocolate or Cointreau. Classic or spiced up with ginger. In single chocolate-covered pieces, or infinite trunks, wrapped in shiny tinfoil.

The family business has been around for 125 years and was once purveyor by appointment. Through until today, everything at Rabien's - they have outstanding cakes and pies as well - is made of all natural ingredients and without any artificial additives.

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Konditorei Rabien – Baumkuchen De Luxe
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