Klassen's Eis Finest ice cream at Walter-Benjamin-Platz

Wednesday, July 27 2022

Permanently closed!!!


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Daily: noon - 6:00pm


Klassen's Eis
Leibnizstraße 48
10629 Berlin
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Uhlenhorst 2


+49 33 203 223 44

Everything may not have been better in the past, but perhaps a little easier. Start an ice cream shop out of a window in Kleinmachnow with nothing more than a second-hand ice cream machine? No problem in 1951 - "The main thing was ice cream!"

Admittedly, Karl Müller saw himself as a writer; he wrote operettas. Nevertheless, the idea of selling ice cream came to him in his first summer in his new house in Kleinmachnow. That was the summer of 1951. A few years later, nephew Peter Klassen took over the ice cream sales: the window sales became Klassen's Eis. Before that, he had learned the ice cream trade from his uncle for a few summers. In the following years, he successively expanded the window sale to a proper ice cream parlour and popular summer meeting place.

Michael Klassen has been carrying on the family tradition of ice cream making in the third generation since 2017/18. Not only is he constantly expanding the classic range of Klassen's Eis with unusual, unique varieties, but he also focuses on sustainability: "Creating the best product, but still leaving as small an ecological footprint as possible" is an essential concern for him.

Klassen's Eis, therefore, sources ingredients such as milk and cream from Hemme Milch, fruit from the region where possible, and other ingredients such as cocoa and chocolate from organic and fair-trade sources. Of course, the pistachios for the classic pistachio ice cream come directly from Sicily. They are first roasted in the ice cream laboratory in Kleinmachnow and later processed. 

Klassens Eis Berlin (1)
Klassens Eis Berlin

Some sorbets, such as strawberry or dark chocolate, do not contain any animal ingredients and are therefore vegan. Flavourings or ready-made flavour pastes, on the other hand, are a no-go at Klassen's Eis. In addition to the ice cream parlour in Kleinmachnow, Klassen's Eis has also been available in Charlottenburg, not far from Walter-Benjamin-Platz, since 2019. 

We particularly like the fact that there are not only waffles made of waffle dough but also cups - this makes it easier for children prone to spilling and slow ice-cream connoisseurs not to cause any waste when licking. The great chocolate wafers are also highly recommended, with a taste reminiscent of childhood fairs.

The friendly shop assistant recommends one of Michael Klassen's specials: rice pudding with cinnamon. It tastes just like it did back then, like grandma's, but cold and refreshing. It's just a pity that the outside of Klassen's Eis is currently blocked by scaffolding. All the better that the charming Walter-Benjamin-Platz, reminiscent of an Italian piazza, is only a few metres away. That's how fast it takes to get from Kleinmachnow to Bella Italia.

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