Ixthys Korean Comfort Food on Winterfeldplatz

Saturday, August 17 2013

Opening Times

Monday to Saturday: noon - 10.00 pm
Wednesday & Sunday closed!


Pallasstrasse 21
10781 Berlin-Schöneberg
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It's Saturday afternoon and I'm starving. It's too early for supper and too late for lunch but it's just the right time for Ixthys. This popular Korean restaurant is so crowded during usual dinner times that you have to trust in good fate to get a table. But at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, the chef and her co-worker are sitting out front drinking a cup of tea. A young Korean couple comes in around the same time as we do - definitely a good sign! They must know where to get authentic Korean food. And apparently, they are regular guests too.

Orders are being taken right at the kitchen. Guests can choose between 15 Korean specialty dishes, among those are vegetarian dishes as well as others with meat or fish. You then go on to take a seat either at one of the pretty red tables amidst plenty of Bible verses or outdoors. The owner is a firm believer, something that becomes clear with one look into the menu or at the walls of her restaurant. By conviction, she does not sell any alcoholic beverages and comes across extraordinarily friendly and nice.


We choose three different dishes: rice with crispy fried chicken and vegetables, rice with meat, vegetables and a fried egg, and a soup of tofu and shellfish. The two latter ones are being served directly out of the oven in traditional hot pots. And so they stand before us, steaming. The soup continues simmering for several minutes. So close to god and we still landed in the devil's kitchen. This truly put a smile on our faces…

The food smells of fresh herbs and everything tastes overwhelmingly good. We're so enchanted that we start swooning so infinitely you could think we were in it to win the grand prize. I can't stop myself from talking about the tiny kitchen that felt like a true home to this darling woman behind the pots and pans, and how she prepares all this delicious food by her self, everyday, fresh from scratch over a gas stove top.  We conclude in unison: rumors should be listened to this time around because this is by far and wide the best Korean food we've ever had!

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Ixthys – Korean Comfort Food on Winterfeldplatz
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