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Tuesday, June 28 2022

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Monday to Friday 10-18
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Hase Weiss
Windscheidstraße 25
10627 Berlin-Charlottenburg
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Summer holidays are coming soon! The word alone conjures up memories of holidays by the sea, long days without a destination and what feels like an eternal summer in the open-air swimming pool. These thoughts almost hide the fact that soon, at least at some point, you will have to go back to school, kindergarten or work.

What could be better to sweeten this tiny drop of bitterness than to browse through the enchanting toy shop Hase Weiss, which, by the way, is directly opposite our favourite bookshop, Hacker & Presting. You're sure to fall in love with a new faithful (plush) companion for the school day, a lucky charm for classwork (or nasty meetings) or a pretty and sturdy little bag to keep it all safe.

The cute and indestructible kindergarten bags by Hase Weiss, for example, are produced in-house. The leather comes from Leder Schmidt in Spandau and is Italian cowhide. The bags are made in Poznan, Poland, by a saddler who is actually an ambulance driver. He also produces and sews the extremely sturdy satchels for Hase Weiss. These and the bright red or deep-sea blue box bags with metal buckles really last forever thanks to the hard-wearing and high-quality leather and can accompany you your whole life.

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"I had a bag like that myself, which I absolutely loved. My daughter used it again as a handbag when she was 14," says owner Anna Pfeiffer. The handle can be adjusted so that mothers or fathers can also snatch the bag. They are available plain or with small appliqués made of soft leather in various shapes: Flowers, dogs, or rabbits adorn the favourite piece. The small decorative motifs can also be cut to individual requirements and applied by the saddler opposite.

Even if you don't have a kindergarten child at home at the moment, a visit to the enchanting children's specialist shop Hase Weiss is worthwhile: for example, because of the charming wooden sailing boats from Brittany. In Paris, they serve to amuse the children at the water basin of the Tuileries. Of course, there are also lots of beautiful children's books and cute soft toys.

We were really taken with the cute Ukrainian bears that found their way from Odesa to Charlottenburg despite the chaos of war. The 40 cm tall bears are made of purely natural materials and were lovingly sewn by hand by Philomena Kloss.

The cute, hand-sewn fish bags from Spain are also incredibly charming, with great attention to detail: the little fish even have bones in various shapes and sizes. A perfect place to store all kinds of little treasures, such as stones found on the Baltic Sea or mum's make-up - or fountain pens, crayons and the like. You'll need them again sometime.

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Hase Weiss – Charming children’s shop in Charlottenburg
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