Kids House Berlin An Indoor Tree House for Kids & More

Saturday, November 09 2013

Opening Times

Monday til Saturday 10.00-18.00


Kiki Kids House Berlin
Stargarderstraße 20
10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
.How to get there


+49 30 446 767 48

A tree house to escape to when you’re tired of your parents’ yapping is pretty much every child’s dream. As a kid, I used to paint a colourful picture of it in my mind, and it mostly came together with scenes from my favorite childhood heroes’ stories. Above all Kalle Blomquist. Sadly, that dream never came true, and for most of Berlin’s big city kids, it remains an unfulfilled desire as well.

But change has come. And the best thing about it: sleepovers don’t have to be thoroughly planned or worked for. Every night when it’s bedtime, children can take up their quarter. How that works? Kids House in Prenzlauer Berg now offers a bunk bed that bears impressive resemblance to an actual tree house. Adorned with windows and flower boxes, you climb up a latter to reach it and you can even pull the curtains to keep trespassers from intruding.

But the newly opened shop in Berlin offers so much more than that. You’ll find children’s furniture from straightforward to country home-style, from rustic to high-gloss - there’s something for everyone. And all that, minus the usual cuteness. I especially liked a little silver scooter for hallway car races and a platform for tiny tots and potential award ceremonies.


Obviously, there’s also a great selection for actual everyday necessities. From onesies, sleeping bags and bathrobes, to dresses, shirts and pants, you’ll find anything imaginable. A great part of their collection comes from the Netherlands - a special focus lies on Dutch brand Koeka’s soft clothes.

Despite it all, it was the bunk bed that left me daydreaming and reignited this childhood dream of mine. When did we say we’re too old for bunk beds again?

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Kids House Berlin – An Indoor Tree House for Kids & More
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