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Saturday, May 10 2014

Opening Times

Monday to Saturday: 10.00 am - 6.00 pm


The Bob
Knesebeckstraße 26
(at Esther Thomas)
10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg
.How to get there


+49 30 313 51 25

She does not have an online store nor any kind of elaborate distribution system. She doesn't do marketing, and to be exact, she doesn't even have a real store. However, Iris Bramiqk has successfully managed to sell her own children's wear collections for 16 years now.

It's called the bob and is named after the soundtrack of a movie scene depicting a bevy of children dancing. Everything started out with a pair of corduroy trousers and suspenders, that are both still available. She only changes the material they're made of. “You don't necessarily have to reinvent things that have worked well in the past”, says the Berlin fashion designer, and she's right.

A concept that she's applied to all her other collections as well. That is why behind the big Esther Thomas shop window, the one and only seller, you'll find not only neat slacks, but lovely dresses, skirts and shirts for 2- to 6-year olds as well. And thanks to the beautiful choice of materials, they all look unique nonetheless, and are all handmade in Berlin!


Furthermore, there are bags and cases, a few additional shirts and knitted goods by Alpakita, another small label that manufactures Alpaca knits in Peru. During wintertime, you'll find so-called “little cheaters” that are fashionable scarf-substitutes as well as their very own knit collection handmade by the family's “nonna”.

Iris Bramigk comes by twice a week to decorate not only her little corner, but the entire store. A smart move marketing-wise: Esther Thomas' customers will also buy something for their wee ones, Iris Bramigk's clientele might consider picking up something for their mothers as well.

So beware: you might easily be double-tempted! Not even a missing size will make for a counter-argument because anything can be redone individually, whether choosing the same cloth or an entirely new customized version.

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