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Wednesday, June 15 2022

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Monday to Friday: 10.00 am - 7.00 pm
Saturday: 9.30 am - 4.00pm


Hacker & Presting
Leonhardtstraße 22
14057 Berlin-Charlottenburg
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+49 30 327 020 14

Summertime is reading time. Winter time is also reading time. Tsundoku (Japanese 積 ん 読, English "to pile up" and "to read") describes the phenomenon of buying more and more books that pile up unread at home. Many people wish they had more time for what is perhaps the most beautiful of all hobbies.

What else takes us into worlds both foreign and familiar, brings us closer to scary and beautiful characters alike, without having to get up from the sofa at home? For tsundoku sufferers, the charming bookshop Hacker & Presting in Berlin Charlottenburg's Leonhardtstraße is a red-hot place. Where else could you better indulge in piling up the latest editions and captivating novels than at this gorgeous neighbourhood bookshop?

Browsing through the lush yet neatly arranged bright red bookshelves, you'll come across choice fiction, enchantingly designed children's books and volumes on art and culture. But even those who enter the Hacker & Presting bookshop with specific wishes and particular ideas will encounter excellent expert advice and can even find lovely greeting cards. Here, no wish remains unfulfilled for bookworms big and small.

Hacker und Presting I Team (3)
Hacker und Presting
Hacker und Presting (4)
Hacker und Presting I Team (4)

No wonder the bookshop with the Greyhound logo can count on all kinds of regular customers. A visit to the enchanting premises - high ceilings, large mullioned windows and lots of stucco - is undoubtedly worthwhile even from other neighbourhoods. But why a dog as a logo? Well, there are already enough owls, bookworms and book finches in the industry, according to Hacker & Presting. And: "We love furry animals. - One would like to reply very sympathetically.

In the Hacker & Presting bookshop, at any rate, people are only too happy to indulge in the book-buying frenzy. After all, one has to feed one's habits. And since we are fans and Hacker & Presting knows how to give unique advice, you can read regular reading tips from the heart of Charlottenburg on our pages starting next week.

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Hacker & Presting Bookshop – Reading time is anytime
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