Frühstück 3000 Caviar for the most important meal of the day

Sunday, January 16 2022

Opening Times

Daily: 9:00am - 4:00pm


Frühstück 3000
Bülowstraße 101
10783 Berlin-Schöneberg
.How to get there


+49 30 436 666 59

Did you know: The statement "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" was the marketing invention of a well-known cornflakes manufacturer? But it doesn't really matter because when we're sitting at Frühstück 3000, we're more than happy to use this invented claim as an excuse to fill our stomachs with decadence.

Here at Schöneberg's breakfast paradise, the so-called most important meal of the day is taken to an level not yet imagined: Berlin's Better Breakfast. The name Frühstück 3000 is by no means unknown in Berlin. Long before there was a fixed location for the restaurant, Maximiliane Wetzel, Martin Pöller, and Lukas Mann were already touring with their breakfast pop-ups through much-loved venues such as Nobelhart & Schmutzig, Cookies Cream or Bonvivant.

Their concept always included breakfast creations in a class of their own. And so the new, permanent location of Frühstück 3000 last year was probably the most masterful new opening in the capital. And so the breakfast menu now reads like a best of past pop-ups: Crispy chicken on cheddar waffle, excellent French toast with quark spuma, and such delicious-sounding egg dishes that will make you want to extend breakfast into the afternoon. Need we say more than caviar egg Benedikt?!

Frühstück 3000 Berlin Schöneberg
Frühstück 3000 Berlin Schöneberg Toast Sanddorn
Frühstück 3000 Berlin Schöneberg
Frühstück 3000 Berlin Schöneberg

There is no other place in Berlin where it is celebrated as much as here, with breakfast variety "at the highest level" instead of the usual monotony of bread rolls, sausage, cheese, and jam. The three owners were definitely tired of that. So, of course, you won't look in vain for a best of sausage and cheese specialties at Frühstück 3000. You will even find a homemade jam.

After all, people like to be a bit particular about their first meal of the day. But especially in Frühstück 3000, you should take a look at your own brunch plate. Because chef Lukas, former head pastry chef and sous chef at the two-star Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer restaurant, definitely knows what he's doing.

Maxi and Martin are also real professional gastronomers and have many years of experience in top restaurants such as Nobelhart & Schmutzig and Grill Royal. So it's no wonder that Frühstück 3000 leads the capital to the culinary next-level start of the day. Enjoyable and relaxed, with casual, professional service and a slight tendency towards hedonism, naturally the food and drink menus must come up to par. 

A Bloody Mary to top things off. Or would you prefer a Coffee-Infused Negroni? Because the drinks are just as impressive as the food. If alcohol is a little hard on your stomach at the first meal of the day, you'll find equally ingenious homemade sodas, smoothies, and, if required, coffee and tea specialties.

We were genuinely delighted by the exceptionally great high-class breakfast - not just for brunch on the weekend. This is a real breakfast for champions!

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Frühstück 3000 – Caviar for the most important meal of the day
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