Die Stachelschweine The legendary cabaret theater in City West

Wednesday, March 06 2024

Opening Times

Monday to Sunday 14-22


Tauentzienstraße 9-12
10789 Berlin-Charlottenburg
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+49 30 2614795

With Berlin cabaret artist, author and director Frank Lüdecke and cultural manager Caroline Lüdecke, the Stachelschweine has been reorganized since 2019: New foyer, new theater hall and the finest political cabaret on stage. Intelligent and witty evenings for quiet and loud laughter.

Before and during the coronavirus pandemic, they gave their unsubsidized private stage a major makeover by renowned designer Werner Aisslinger. The foyer has become a cozy meeting place. With seating platforms, a grand piano, a photo gallery and the old stone tiled floor.

The heraldic animal, the bristly porcupine, watches the action in the foyer from a glass display case. In the auditorium, it is projected onto the stage wall as a stylized logo in various colors by art student Florentine Lüdecke. The theater hall has new seating, the rows of spectators in velvet red, with small tables at the side for drinks and snacks.

Young and talented actors perform on stage seven days a week and shine in satirical cabaret " Meisterstücke" (masterpieces). Still true to Erich Kästner's advice: "Dear porcupines, never let yourselves be shaved!". Audiences and press alike praise the Stachelschweine's new programs: "brilliant", "intelligent", "entertaining and pointed", "a satirical masterpiece", to quote just a few press reviews.

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The programs live from their satirical starting points and from the musical and performing virtuosity of the actors. The play Steglitz, wir haben ein Problem! Wie Berlin zum Mars flog traces a Berlin Mars mission led by Ms. Giffey. The project is ambitious, as it is to be financed via the federal state financial equalization scheme, but meets Berlin climate protectors, extroverted artists and philosophizing allotment gardeners. And in the end, it is not without secret services and various mishaps...

In "Drei Lügen zu viel!" a worldwide virus breaks out: The victims unlearn everything that civilized people need in life: cheating, swindling, fibbing, lying and concealing. They have to do the most dangerous thing of all: Tell the truth to everyone and everything. The disaster seems unstoppable. A patrolwoman from Neukölln, a psychiatrist from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and the equal opportunities officer for Britz-Buckow-Rudow are commissioned by Annalena Baerbock to work on a solution in a secret bunker under Potsdamer Platz...

In "Fassen wir zusammen:", a hacker and a Green backbencher in the Bundestag and his influencer girlfriend shut down the Internet. Worldwide! A crazy parade ride through the meta-topic of our time - political, contemporary, merciless.

And artistic director Frank Lüdecke will be performing his new solo program "Träumt weiter!" from March 2024. Lüdecke has been on the road as a political cabaret artist for over thirty years and has been awarded all the major cabaret prizes (including the German Cabaret Prize and Bavarian Cabaret Prize).

The Stachelschweine, you don't have to introduce them to middle-aged and older audiences, but you do to younger audiences. Satire is neither comedy nor omnipresent. "Political cabaret has always been a niche", or in other words: always dead, says Lüdecke. But that doesn't stop lively minds like him from offering it a public stage. On the contrary. Success proves the Stachelschweine right. Not everyone is looking for supervised thinking.

For the European Football Championship this summer, the Stachelschweine will for the first time "combine soccer and culture in a humorous way with an international approach. The name of the satirical European Championship spectacle: "Pfostenbruch". Artists from Europe will present their football-playing countries in a humorous way on the Stachelschweine stage. The matches will then be shown on the big screen, along with entertaining commentary.

This will be followed by the "Satire Summit" with prominent guests such as Dieter Nuhr and soccer legends like Felix Magath. Frank Lüdecke's qualifications as a cabaret artist: "soccer mad", having written for "Kicker" and the "Berliner Tagesspiegel" for years and with - a tongue-in-cheek self-assessment is part and parcel of cabaret - "profound half-knowledge".

After the game is before the game and so the fall has big things in store. That's when Die Stachelschweine celebrate their 75th birthday. The best present: go and see them! Premiere of the anniversary program: 7 September!

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