MS Marple Like A Floating Living Room

Wednesday, April 22 2015


Zur Alten Flussbadeanstalt 5
Citymarina Rummelsburg
10317 Berlin-Rummelsburg
.How to get there


+49 162 96 77 75 4

While we are awaiting the arrival of the MS Marple – the cruise ship, the floating living room, or simply: the most beautiful pleasure boat on the Spree – we're already excited. The clouds, the lush green on the other side of the river and the water. Yes, nature can still wow a city person any day.

To me, it always feels like a reunion with an old friend, someone who I've nearly forgotten. “I need to leave town more often”, I think to myself. The little harbor that is home to MS Marple is familiar to me from previous visits at Hafenküche and boat rides with the smaller Spreeboote rentals, but I still get a bit nostalgic whenever I come here... childhood memories. The Baltic Sea. Schilksee harbor...

But there it is: the former 1930s passenger ship, brought back to life by sailer and architect Katrin Oggesen. Jolly as it is, it appears on the waterfront, docks right in front of us, lets off a handful of people and invites us to join aboard.

Salonschiff Miss Marple Bootsverleih Berlin Bug
Salonschiff Miss Marple Bootsverleih Berlin Speisen
Salonschiff Miss Marple Bootsverleih Berlin Kuchen
Salonschiff Miss Marple Bootsverleih Berlin Snacks
Salonschiff Miss Marple Bootsverleih Berlin Boot
Salonschiff Miss Marple Bootsverleih Berlin Schiff

Curiously, we take a look around. The impeccable panoramic windows diminish every last bit of border between the ship and its surrounding. The interior is comfortable and not as conservative as usually expected. Dark, spar varnished wood, big lamps, stainless steel and bull's eyes. Someone here proves to have good taste.

There's a galley, a bar and most importantly: heating – making it possible to take a short boat trip during the colder seasons, too. I cannot fathom how romantic it must be to go for a cruise covered in blankets while snow is falling. With a view over the river, good food and a hot cup of tea – I could probably handle that!

But first, summer! When the top is opened completely and the tables are set with candles along with some soft live music in the background, crusing down Landwehrkanal. I recommend the tour from the City Marina towards Müggelsee and the palace tour to Potsdam starting out at the Marina am Tiefen See.

The latter one starts in Köpenick, passing by Plänterwald and the 'White Villa', returning via Berlin's Little Venice, Dämeritzsee, Seddinsee, right by Köpenick Castle towards the City Marina again. Very often, the food is served by Hafenküche, but it could be any caterer upon request.

The MS Marple provides space for 27 passengers, two waiters and the captain herself, making this ship a prime destination for intimate weddings, family gatherings or business occasions. Among many a celebrity, the most noted guest to date has been the Karmapa.

Unfortunately, even the nicest cruise comes to an end eventually, and so we get up and leave the MS Marple somewhat reluctantly. On our way home, the only question bugging us is how, what and when we could celebrate here the next time! - Ahoy and see you soon!

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