Café Luc Of Vegemite, Eucalyptus and Good Vibes

Wednesday, August 24 2022

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Café Luc
Stargarder Str. 72
10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
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Did you know that the Flat White is said to have originated here? Accordingly, great importance is attached to the quality of the coffee in Australian cities like Sydney and Melbourne. At Café Luc in Prenzlauer Berg, you can smell coffee and the fresh, spicy scent of eucalyptus in the air. Inside, it is bright, friendly and tasteful.

He built the interior and the counter himself, says owner Lucian. When he was fixing up the shop so beautifully, he didn't know exactly what direction it would go in. But coffee, that was clear! Lucian comes from Sydney, so the coffee specialities at Café Luc are made with filtered water, fine coffee blends from Sincerely Coffee Berlin and organic milk from the Brodowin eco-village, or of course, as a vegan variant with oat milk. 

"Speciality coffee, pasties, food and music served by legends" is what the menu says. But, of course, the Aussies are legendary not only for their beaches and the Flat White but also for their Banter - and you get it on top of the delicious coffee order at Café Luc. It fills up quickly for late Sunday breakfast, but there is still a charming place at the marble bistro table in front of the lovely café.

Cafe Luc I Anna Sepiashvili @anna.chronie
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So, in addition to coffee specialities, Café Luc has become a bit bistro-like. Good for us, because we came for breakfast, but could easily stay until the afternoon, given the choice of food. A little dish that brings a smile to our faces makes us think back to an experience that couldn't get a smile at the time: There is Vegemite toast!

We'll pass on the adorable; lovers of the controversial spread are guaranteed to be happy about it, as it's not necessarily easy to get hold of in Berlin. However, if you're feeling peckish, homemade soups, sandwiches, various quiches and seasonal salads are also available.

Plus a daily selection of vegan and non-vegan cakes and biscuits in the pretty homemade glass display case. An Australian classic and very, very delicious is the banana bread, which is also available spread with pistachio cream. However, we still opt for butter and love the moist, fluffy texture and especially the crunchy granola crust on top!

In addition to sourdough sandwiches, there is a choice of vegan granola with coconut yoghurt or Bircher muesli, as well as a fine-flaky croissant or pain au chocolat. Because it's hot during our visit to Café Luc, we opt for a cold brew, which doesn't disappoint. We particularly like "Luc's famous Cold Espresso foam", which tops the coffee on request and is a fluffy little highlight on our delicious cold coffee.

We also enjoy a red smoothie and find the rosé shrub with vinegar and jam lemonade, which also comes with plenty of fresh berries, really great and refreshing, especially in these temperatures. There are also a few selected wines - but it's only Sunday morning, so we'll pass for now.

Instead, we choose delicate sourdough sandwiches for breakfast: We try the roasted aubergine mayo with spinach, feta, and almonds, topped with a perfectly poached egg. The deluxe sandwich with pastrami, horseradish and chimichurri also finds its way to the table. It certainly deserves the name deluxe; the latter is also available in a vegan version with antipasti, hummus and paprika spread. What can I say: great sandwiches, great coffee, refreshing drinks, the Aussies just know how to do that!

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Café Luc – Of Vegemite, Eucalyptus and Good Vibes
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