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British Clothing
Schlüterstraße 51
10629 Berlin-Charlottenburg
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+49 30 88 71 21 84

Gerhard Niepagen knows the good life and has worked his way through various industries. He has always enjoyed being on the road, discovered his passion for Italy where he lived for a few years and then decided to settle in Berlin, where he opened his men's clothing store 'British Clothing' 10 years ago. Fashion has always been a cherished hobby, now it's his profession. As the name suggests, he started out with only British fashion labels, then decided to add some colorful basics from beloved Italy to the collection. Today, he's got everything in store for the stylish, modern-day gentleman and the lady by his side.

Exactly the kind of fashion I like on a man, was my first thought when I entered the store. Daughter Jennifer Niepagen introduced me to the entire collection and told me more about the shop's history. She joined the business a year and a half ago and has brought in a breath of fresh air ever since. One of her first tasks was to take up women's clothing as well: in a separate department, you'll now find casual women's basics with the same British understatement.


Nonetheless, men's staples like Scottish label 'Magee 1866' or 'Boglioli' of Italy remain available. Next, there are shelves with stacks of socks, in any possible color-variation. I was impressed by their collection of ties and hats. I even discovered a top hat! There are classic bright cashmere sweaters, suspenders and the mandatory umbrella.

But my special weakness were the tweed clothes, from entire suits, to pants, vests and jackets, you'll find anything made from the most British material of all. Jennifer Niepagen is especially proud of their extensive collection of plaid patterns – on shirts, pants and blazers. “They're not that easy to find. All squares are not equal”, she says.

Thanks to her father's love for bold colors, the whole set-up does not come across too serious and makes for a very good spirit. That, in consequence, is popular not only with their regular customers. Stage, movie and TV property masters are part of the store's patronage. Pieces from Niepagen's collection have also been worn on the stage of Berlin's Renaissance Theater on several occasions. It's no wonder that the city's performing arts elite comes here on a regular. Not least because while the ladies get to dive into their own dapper paradise, the gentlemen get to enjoy the full service of Ms Niepagen and her father.

Get up, you Sean Connerys, Jude Laws and Mark Ronsons, and get dressed!

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