Pfeil + Piefke Trend Label Pulver on new grounds

Saturday, March 31 2012

Opening Times

Thursday til Friday 11.00-19.00
Saturday 11.00-16.00


Pfeil & Piefke
Böckhstraße 46
10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg
.How to get there


+49 30 9561 3767

2008 will be remembered painfully among Berlin fashion enthusiasts as the year that one of the most prominent local pioneer fashion labels resigned. The four designers who were Pulver dropped their work. And all this while they had paved the way for the next generation of Berlin designers and their signature ragged look, for the likes of Lala Berlin or Kaviar Gauche.

Now, in March 2012, you can finally take advantage of Pulver's long-missed understatement again. Two of four designers, Therese Pfeil and Franziska Piefke, opened up a fashion store for first-hand and selected vintage clothing in the cozy Gräfestraßen neighborhood of Berlin Kreuzberg.

At Pfeil & Piefke, among comfy wooden colonial objects, everyone from woman to man, and even the little ones, will come across something to their liking. Whether it's classics like the blue and white striped sweater by Armor Lux or sailor shirts by their own brand Pfeil & Piefke, or even the seamlessly perfect vintage selection that includes brands ranging from Haltbar Murkudis, Rodier Paris to Carhartt and Topshop.


The little studio behind the counter functions as their tailor shop where they create and customize clothes according to your wishes. Loving the fabric, not so much the cut? Pfeil & Piefke will fix it! The pants fit perfectly well, but you can't find a second pair? Pfeil & Piefke will make you one! Those who, after every vacation spent in Italy, mourn the artisanal spirit of Florentine, will be well taken care of at Pfeil & Piefke.

Gastautor Jo Keel

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