Bäckerei Hacker Berlin’s best Splitterbrötchen

Wednesday, April 03 2013

Opening Times

Thursday till Friday 7-18.30
Saturday 6-14


Bäckerei Hacker
Stargarder Straße 69/70
10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
.How to get there

Yes, this article is only about the heavenly Splitterbrötchen of bakery Hacker and baking junkies, like me. I discovered them during my little fieldtrip to Prenzlauerberg’s Helmholz area. A whole sheet of these freshly baked, sugary, yeasty doughy treats lured me into the small bakery on Stargarder Straße - The apparition of one of those DDR-bakeries, that survived the change that the west brought on.

The interior is just as original as the aprons of the salesladies. But most of all the baked goods have stayed the same. You won’t find croissants or pretzels. Rather, you can indulge in east-Berlin classics like pound cake, Butterhörnchen and the already mentioned delicious Splitterbrötchen. Lightly sugared, juicy and so big, that one would be enough for two, if...

Bread, buns, cake and everything else is produced daily just in the other room and the simple smell of fresh bread is worth the visit in this relic of long-gone times. The  Splitterbrötchen are a must!

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Bäckerei Hacker – Berlin’s best Splitterbrötchen
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