Assina Like a Phoenix from the Ashes

Sunday, January 12 2014

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Wielandstraße 31
10629 Berlin-Charlottenburg
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+49 30 88 91 09 91

Assina Höfer was shop manager at Purple Phoenix’ on Mommsenstraße for five years. But she decided to leave the past behind and opened up her very own fashion store together with architect Almut Sliwinski. It’s been six weeks, and the biggest part of her ordered collections is yet to come. But just like her choices at Purple Phoenix have always proven to be good ones, here too, it’s visible that you will find an exquisite selection of smaller brands and an intriguing mixture of casual and elegant in the near future.

And despite all improvisational installations, there are already a few things that will catch your eye. Her choice of jewelry for example that brings together pieces by David Aubrey, Catherine Weitzman and Munich’s Chaingang. Soft little bracelets, necklaces and earrings are staged beautiful next to each other and I immediately fell in love with By Philippe’s fine necklaces, that I would love to take home by the dozen.


I tumble from whimsical, yet elegant dresses by Berlin label Tulpen over to lightly flowing tops by Frauenlust of Munich. My name is practically written all over one liv bergen tie-dye sweatshirt, and I could even hear the sample coat on that mannequin call out for me.

Pieces by 8PM of Italy, washable leather by Code30 and embroidered tunics by LA’s Johnny was will arrive step by step throughout March. Combined with a classic or two, you can even turn Mexicana Boots from France and Ventcouvert’s biker jackets into respectable fashion accessories. I usually steer clear of these two things, but Assina manages to bring joy and a feel for new things into the whole styling game.

Denmark’s Charlotte Sparre, available at ASSINA within a few weeks, came up with a new and intruiging concept as well: with every order, the customer can decide upon cut and fabric so that any piece will basically be unique.

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