Agnona Pure Luxury on Schlüterstraße

Wednesday, December 04 2013

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Monday till Friday 10.00-19.00


Kurfürstendamm 188-189 / Eingang Schlüterstraße
10707 Berlin-Charlottenburg
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Last week, a friend of mine sent me to Schlüterstraße. A store called AGNONA had opened up, she said, that combined luxury with purism and that I shouldn’t miss the chance to take a look at it. And as usual, when you hear good things about something new, your expectations are set quite high.

AGNONA was founded in Italy in 1953 and has been a purveyor for the haute couture ever since. Until today the small label ranks among the best manufacturers in the fashion industry. With a great deal of understatement and only the best materials, this fashion house has established its brand and recently decided to open up a Berlin store as well.

The shop’s interior is very low-key and offers a clear platform for the dresses, shirts and coats to be arranged and take over the stage. If you touch any of their pieces, you understand that this goes beyond high end fashion, it’s also about the highest possible comfort. Soft cashmere, airy silk, fluffy alpaca. I couldn’t stop touching, feeling one piece after the other, to really get their shapes and cuts. These clothes made me swoon! What a tip!


The early pieces for the upcoming spring collection ZERO have now arrived and are new head designer Stefano Pilatis’ first drafts out for sale. His creations break with some of the house’s traditions and bring a breath of fresh air into it for the season.

Elaborate asymmetric cuts with a hint of masculinity. Blazer with diverse proportions. Suits with shorts. Complete dynamic outfits, consisting of suits, socks and shoes. Very elegant with an eccentric twist. And all that is available in small as well as big sizes. A brilliant collection that deserves a lot more attention!

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Agnona – Pure Luxury on Schlüterstraße
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