2701 Italian Brands Northland and Nioi on Rosenthaler Straße

Monday, January 21 2013

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2701 Store
Rosenthaler Straße 72
10119 Berlin-Mitte
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2701 - this store does not have a website, is neither available on facebook nor anywhere else online. Owner Maure Gagliadini of Rome prefers things to be carefree. The two collections that he exclusively distributes in his shop on Rosenthaler Platz, both Northland and Nioi, are fast-selling items.

He's not into the usual hullabaloo. His clientele grows on its own - who ever comes into his store and gets a taste, will come again. I, too, was attracted by the mere sight of what I could spot from the outside. I am especially given to Nioi's casual yet feminine women's collection.

Simply named after his own birthday, Gagliadini has been with his shop for four years now. The name is a smart move, too! None of his friends will ever be able to come up with an excuse for forgetting his birthday again.

I definitely admit to have fallen for their fluffy knitwear, the pants made from exquisite fabrics and all the other breathtaking pieces that I would've loved to just take home with me by the pile.

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2701 – Italian Brands Northland and Nioi on Rosenthaler Straße
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