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Tuesday, October 11 2016


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Numerous studies show that mineral oils, paraben, silicone, and other questionable ingredients are better left out of toiletries as they can have long-term effects on the body's hormone balance. What's more surprising is that they can still be found in high concentrations- even in cremes and lotions for babies and kids.

München native Rebecca Tatarczyk was made aware of this during her first pregnancy when she read further on the topic. "Regardless if for kids of adults, many typical pharmaceutical products contain hormone-activating substances. It’s even worth checking out the ingredients list at expensive parfumeries or on ‘medicinal’ cremes from the apothecary," she explains.

She's proving to us that it's very possible to create highly effective and simultaneously completely harmless care products for mother and child with her own cosmetic line Belle & Fleurelle. When she didn't even find the items at the whole foods store satisfactory, she thought about how she could approach the problem herself.

Belle Fleurelle Kinder Gesichtscreme
Belle Fleurelle Organic Skincare
Belle Fleurelle Kids Bodylotion
Belle Fleurelle Kids Face Cream
Belle Fleurelle Women Body Lotion
Belle Fleurelle Women Face Cream

After intense research, she created a kind of 'wishlist' for plant-based ingredients associated with promising, desirable effects. Using this as a base, she consulted a team of scientists and dermatologists.

"They threw their hands up in horror!" the young business woman laughs. "All natural? All organic and produced in Germany? That's going to be time-consuming and expensive," they said. But she didn't care. Her goal was to create cosmetics that met her own standards- and those of other women and mothers, she was sure.

And she was right: it works! Developed by experts, the Belle & Fleurelle portfolio contains face cremes and lotions for babies and kids. The label offers women cleansing lotions, body lotions, and face and hand cremes- and not just specifically for pregnant women or mothers.

"I wanted to create an all-around solution for every age and skin type. A product that helps with blemishes and fights wrinkles," the young mother tells me. That grabs my attention, as I've always thought I was too young for anti-aging products, but too old for anti-pimple cremes.

I'm curious to try the Belle & Fleurelle face creme. And just as Rebecca Tatartczyk described, my skin absorbs the creme quickly and comfortably without any of the white, pasty strips that I usually find building on my skin with other organic cosmetics. Even the musty smell of organic products is missing here. What remains is a fresh, well-groomed feeling- which lasts all day.

The quality of Belle & Fleurelle products is confirmed on their website: they've exceeded the requirements for the Ecocert Biokosmetik label as the ingredients are 100% natural, and over 97% of the plant-based ingredients are organic.

The products hold a standard far above the market average- and are at the top of my personal favourite-product scale.

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