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Bunny plate from Feinesweißes In the set as an Creme Guides Easter Special

Wednesday, March 30 2022

Exclusively for our readers, the bunny plate set from Feinesweißes is available free of shipping charges until April 7th!

Bunny plate set
from Feinesweißes
78 € / set

Isn't it adorable how the long-eared bunny peeks out of the Easter nest? What could be more fitting on a tastefully set Easter table than the Easter bunny itself - made of delicate porcelain?

Decoration is one of those things. You don't really need it, yet it gives you immense joy. Especially on holidays, we simply don't want to do without it. Instead of squeaky-coloured Easter eggs and poison-green Easter grass, this Easter, we are cheered up by the discreet look of sensual porcelain handicrafts by Katy Jung.

The Creme Guides Easter set consists of two charming porcelain plates, each with a master lamp perched at the centre. As if made for a tasteful little Easter nest full of good sugary treats and nibbles, the pretty pieces are just right. And afterwards, we use the cute bunny plates for a noble table decoration or simply for our jewellery. Practical, high-quality and charming - just the way we like it.

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