In Good Shape 'She Said' Chair by Mattiazzi

Sunday, July 29 2018


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Among the nicest pieces of contemporary seating furniture available on the market right now is Italian brand Mattiazzi's chair She Said. The chair was designed by Munich-resident Nitzan Cohen in 2009 and started on its largely unnoticed yet successful journey through Germany in 2010.

Apart from its elegant shape, it's the high quality and technically complex production method and materials that distinguish She Said from nowadays' usually mass-produced furniture. Two arcs forming the arms and legs transition into a flowingly curved back without any disruptions or visible joints. The legs seemingly growing out of the back rest swing apart slightly, yet are made of one piece of wood.

The thin seating surface is supported by two slender cross braces and appears to be floating. The base of every chair is a steam bent board of beech or ash wood delivering a softly swung silhouette otherwise only known from plastic furniture. The result resembles a sculpture that comes to life through careful and genuine workmanship.

She Said Chair von Mattiazzi-2
She Said Chair von Mattiazzi-3

Adding to that, Mattiazzi arranged for just the right art direction by hiring renowned Lambl Homburger agency. The Berlin office's catalogues are outstandingly beautiful and well-laid out even for the design-conscious furniture business. Only rarely have I held something so tactually and creatively harmonious!

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